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zinis wrote: Link: I`m Just Walking My Dog, Deal With It [Pic] [Rate Link] - God, I hope she doesn`t breath in too deep when she snores.
zinis wrote: Link: 5 Cosplay Photos: Fiction Vs. Reality [Rate Link] - How do these cosplay people match up against their anime counterparts?
zinis wrote: yay! propaganda!
zinis wrote: I`m a little embarrassed that I found the #1 and #2 funny.
zinis wrote: No this isn`t strange. I normally think of women being afraid of black men kidnapping their little children when I brush my teeth.
zinis wrote: I am officially gonna have nightmares after that last picture.
zinis wrote: Yeah I didn`t think that was racist, and I`m African American.
zinis wrote: I think my face is permanently frozen into a look of horror
zinis wrote: The breast massaging machine is too funny.

What idiot thought up a machine that is controlled by a roosterroach? That will be the first step in them taking over the world.

zinis wrote: was I the only one reminded of a scene with the joker out of one of the batman movies?
zinis wrote: For the 100th time She was dumb to go and meet some stranger from myspace and not let her family know. Being and "adult" or not has nothing to do with it, she should have at least told a friend where she was going.

And I am shocked no one said anything about how she was cussing at her mom, or is it just normal for ppl to cuss their parents out and I am just an oddball.

zinis wrote: I agree with mikeegee, this is really good. Very interesting, I don`t like the music so much but the art was fantastic.

This just may be one of those artistic things most people don`t get.

zinis wrote: anyone besides me wondering where the wedding music came from. Did they just have it stored away for just the occasion?
zinis wrote: creepy
zinis wrote: How would you not know that is how it works? Its a bunch of lil` hooks people! btw why is one red and one blue?
zinis wrote: Glad I didn`t see the 6 or the O. I cant be color blind at least not in my line of work!
zinis wrote: yeah there a a future rock god right there.
zinis wrote: ummm ew
zinis wrote: I nearly died laughing when I picked up the stuffed animal
zinis wrote: there is no probably about it. This was so not safe for work!!!
zinis wrote: And just when I thought the American Sailor Moon couldn`t get any worse.
zinis wrote: 20 bucks says thats not her singing.
zinis wrote: these are really amazing but I wouldnt buy it because you can see it
zinis wrote: LOL oh my god that was so funny. You know with a better beat or something that could be a one hit wonder!
zinis wrote: I completely agree with Dkny, that baby was a terrible actor! I mean with all that smiling, and poo you could tell it was totally fake. Esp. that scene where he is supposed to be stabbing his dad, he looked like he was just playing! He was way out of character! Now what they really should have used was some of those gerber babies, those babies can act!