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Shore Siege

Yarr! Keep pesky varmints away from yer piratey ship! Different attacks for different foes; mind your tutorial, matey!


Can you help little Robot turn on all the lights? He`s easy to program: Jump, Walk, Light, Turn. He`s stubborn though.

Scary Video

Turn off the lights and Turn the volume up.....if you DARE! (Don`t worry, diaper wetters--it`s not a screamer.)

Eat Less, Move More

Diet pills and surgeries are not always the answer. The answer: Keebler`s New Double Stuffin` Marshmallow Fudge Sludgers

Do You Douche?

Back when advertising TOLD you what they were selling. As uncomfortable as that was.

Xylophone Master

you need precision timing to keep the Lords of the Xylophone satisfied. Do you has?


88 levels of sliding the blocks onto the same colored pegs. Blocks slide until stopped. Go.