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lizzywizzy wrote: Link: Briker Puzzler Maze [Rate Link] - Familiar puzzler with new graphics. Just roll your ice block into the gold hole on all 26 levels. No balls, just holes.
lizzywizzy wrote: Link: Emo Baby Vs. Goth Baby [Rate Link] - It`s the smackdown we`ve all been waiting for -- the Match of Darkness.
lizzywizzy wrote: I got 88. What exactly does that mean though?
lizzywizzy wrote: I am sorry but the after shot on most of the kids just dont look real.
lizzywizzy wrote: Ok so the ladies in the British photos are very much lacking in the looks department but not all of the clubs are like that.

And what is with all of the women with their tits hanging out in the Swedish photos?

lizzywizzy wrote: the dude with the camera sounds way gay, its annoying. his voice that is.
lizzywizzy wrote: Foob, how about a bit of both?
lizzywizzy wrote: michele pfeifer actually looks better in the fter picture.
lizzywizzy wrote: what the feck? :-O

i knew about the first two pictures... but Ron? :-O What the hell?

i have to hurry up and read the books now to see for myself.

Would help if I didnt onlyhave the first book though :-P

lizzywizzy wrote: Looks ok.

However my concerns are

1) How the hell do you feed the fish?
2) How do you change the water?
3) how do you aerate the water? Putting ONE plant in there is not enough to keep the fish alive.

Although it looks pretty, it is somewhat on the side of animal cruilty... In my opinion anyway!

lizzywizzy wrote: I got 40%. Granted, I did guess a lot of them... and I didnt read the long questions. but not too bad I gues.
lizzywizzy wrote: before i play this i will turn my speakers off, i dont want anything screaming at me :-O
lizzywizzy wrote: I got 18, so I am average?

I can deal with that.

lizzywizzy wrote: it made me chuckle quietly to myself, but it wasnt THAT good.
lizzywizzy wrote: My eye went really itchy while watching that, I feel sorry for those poor ladies! :-(
lizzywizzy wrote: Holy hell, someone slap her already, it is not so much the fact that she is up herself, and is a little tramp, but it is just her voice, my god!
lizzywizzy wrote: the lady with the hat one is just plain creepy, in my opinion.
lizzywizzy wrote: he needs to learn a new facial expression.
lizzywizzy wrote: You cant just tell someone with anorexia to "just gain weight" That is not going to work as it is their sheer fear of food or gaining weight that is the problem.

You have to get to the root of the psychological reasonings behind the conditions before just telling them to gain weight.

I have no family members who have it, but a friend almost died from it, and I studdied it for three years while doing a-level biology and psychology.

lizzywizzy wrote: I want a hello kitty one :-O

lizzywizzy wrote: A website that I use a lot states that anorexia is "Eating disorders are often blamed on social pressure to be thin, as young people in particular feel they should look a certain way. However, the causes are usually more complex, and may reflect underlying mental or psychological issues."

This is basically saying that it is mental, not a disease. Although once you have the onset of the eating disorder it then shows the symptoms of a disease, but to begin with it is to do with the persons mind.

I think that makes sense.

lizzywizzy wrote: [quote]On 5/29/2007 3:50:16 PM xxxana wrote: I just remembered something about a model dying from anorexia practically on the catwalk last year. She weighed about 8000 pounds. Has anyone heard of this? I can say with 100% certainty that I feel no empathy for her whatsoever, it`s her own fault.[/quote]
Anorexic person is someone who stops eating yes? And so does not get enough neutrients to survive. You can be 100000000 lbs (If it was possible to be still alive then), stop eating and you will be classed as anorexic. The weight is not what classes you as anorexic, it is the stopping of eating.
lizzywizzy wrote: How can someone THAT skinny have suck a huge rack )-|
lizzywizzy wrote: I got up to the toothbrush and I had to turn it off, too damn annoying.
lizzywizzy wrote: Someone has a little too much spare time on their hands :-P