The IAB Community Standards

To ensure that I-Am-Bored (hereafter IAB) is a pleasant atmosphere for its users, the Moderation Team expects all users to comply with these Community Standards.

If you are doing one or more of the following, we are delighted you are here and part of the IAB community:

(1) Discussing the content of the posts in a friendly or at least civil fashion;
(2) Having fun with other users by trading witticism, observations, memes, and jokes;
(3) Sharing your interests with other users and making friends;
(4) Engaging in productive debates in a civil fashion;
(5) Happily lurking from the sidelines.

If most of your activity on IAB, however, does not fall into one of the above five categories, the moderators will be taking a hard look at your account.

It does not happen often, but users who are repeatedly attacking other users or are behaving in a way that detracts from the community as a whole will have their accounts shut down.

(1) Do not use more than one account or allow anyone else to use your account.
(2) Do not make personal attacks on other users.
(3) Do not threaten, harass, or defame other users.
(4) Do not use insulting nicknames for other users or other groups of users.
(5) Do not post anyone's private or personal information, such as a real name, phone number, email address, or street address.
(6) Do not post spam, propagandize, or sloganize.
(7) Do not post images that are graphically violent, pornographic, or that promote any kind of illegal activity.
(8) Do not engage in thread hijacking. Except for Open Forums, where users may comment about anything they like, comments should relate to the content of the board.
(9) Do not interfere with IAB moderation. If you or another user receives an action by a moderator, do not argue about the moderation on the board. If you have a complaint about the moderation, send an email to [email protected] Put the words "MODERATOR COMPLAINT" in the email's subject line.

Moderators enforce these Community Standards with seven actions. In order of increasing severity, they are:
(1) Regular comments to users;
(2) Requests to users for self-edits or self-deletions;
(3) Deletions;
(4) Notices;
(5) Warnings;
(6) Tempbans;
(7) Permabans.

The Moderation Team may impose a tempban or permaban on a user for committing a serious violation or multiple lesser violations.

To report a conflict with another user or any other situation you think requires moderation, use the Contact link found at the bottom of every IAB page. For the topic, select “Bugs and Other Site Feedback.” Start your message with the words “MODERATION REQUEST.”

The chief moderator of IAB is none other than Fancylad himself. The rest of the Moderation Team, in alphabetical order, is as follows: DuckBoy87; Kalron; LittleMissQT; MelCervini; NormalFreak2; and Squrlz4Ever.