About us

Congratulations! You and the cosmos somehow aligned and you’ve found yourself on I-Am-Bored.com.

This site is founded on the theory that people will get so incredibly bored, they’ll type things like “I’m Bored” into their search engines just to see what happens. Then BAM – they find themselves here.

What you see here are posts filled with photos, news articles, weird videos, contests, a chat room and a bunch of other features – all here to help you become a little less bored throughout the day. We add new content every day, so check back hourly.

Also, a few fun facts about I-Am-Bored …

  • So far, two couples have met on I-Am-Bored and as far as we know, they’re still married – their kids are literally a result of this website. Related: Fancylad (I-A-B’s editor in chief) is an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church and available to marry the next I-A-B couple.
  • There have been several I-A-B users who have gotten the I-A-B logo tattooed on their body. There’s a good chance we’ll foot the bill if you ever decided to get one, too. Good advertising for us, free ink for you – win-win, baby.
  • Maury Povich once called I-Am-Bored.com “weird and sick” after he played a few I-A-B clips on The Maury Povich Show in a segment about viral videos. Very proud of that moment.
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