A “Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse” Is on the Way

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Above: The full moon during a "blood moon eclipse" as seen from the town of Kazanlak, Bulgaria on July 27, 2018. Photo: DIMITAR DILKOFF, AFP/Getty Images.

A “Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse” Is on the Way

By: Doyle Rice

SURE, YOU MAY know the "super blood wolf moon eclipse" is coming to a sky near you later this month. But what exactly does it mean?
Unquestionably, the main event is the total lunar eclipse, also known as an eclipse of the moon, which will start late on Sunday, Jan. 20 and finish early on Monday, Jan. 21.
This type of eclipse happens when the moon passes fully into the shadow of Earth.
Beyond that, despite all the hullabaloo over the various names, there's still only one moon. There's no separate super, blood, wolf or anything else moon.

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