Virginia Man Uses Flame Thrower To Clear Driveway Of Snow

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Flame On

From the ABC 8 News Article:

One southwest Virginia man got a little overzealous when tasked with clearing his driveway after this most recent snow storm. Nathanael Caplinger decided to leave his shovel in the garage, and use his flamethrower to melt the snow instead.  Caplinger told ABC affiliate WSET that he hates shoveling snow. So, after reading an ad in a magazine about a blowtorch, which advertised its usefulness in clearing snow, he decided to try it out.

He bought one after researching the state and local laws and consulting with local officials.  Caplinger said the flamethrower worked like a charm but emphasized the importance of using the device safely.  

"Make sure there's no flammables nearby," he said. "Make sure it's only what you want to burn, make sure afterward hang out for about a half hour, make sure nothing reignites."

Public safety officials in Amherst where Caplinger lives said that while Caplinger's method worked, it may not be for everybody.  The official encouraged anyone who is thinking about using such a device to contact local officials first.

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I think that only works when it's close to freezing point (0C, 32F) anyhow. When it's 20 below? IDK if it'll melt all that much snow... maybe?
Legal in the USA! not so much in Canada where we're not allowed to have fun things. :/

Oh we can buy one, but try to use it and see how fast the cops show up...

Boring Company (lolz)
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I have a Jeep.  I don't clear snow.  I just drive over it.  

But....10/10 for rollin' your own.
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XKCD did the math on some alternative Snow clearing options.  It is entertaining.  And probably a good idea to just push it out of the way for the sun to deal with later...
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Seriously, that's not a snow fall, that's a dusting.  Not worthy of a Flamethrower.  I guess Southwest VA doesn't see too much snow.

Try that shit in 10-12 inch in 10 degree temps, I'm pretty sure you would just be creating ice by the time you got the end of your driveway ;)
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Practicality: 3/10

Eco Friendly: 1/10

Safety: 1/10

Entertainment:  10/10
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It really makes sense! Just don't burn the house down.