Newly Discovered Cave In B.C. Might Be Largest Ever Found In Canada

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Per the CBC

The people who first spotted the cave from the helicopter named it Sarlacc's Pit, because of its similarity to the lair of the sarlacc, a creature from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

A formal naming of the cave will happen after consultations with First Nations, she said.

The feature was formed underneath glaciers for potentially tens of thousands of years, so there is no way of knowing the real age of the cave right away, Hickson said.

"Right now, because of the recession of the glaciers, it is open to the sky,'' she said, adding that as ice retreats from the landscape due to climate change, more such features might be discovered.

Although the cave is in a remote, rugged valley covered with snow and ice for the greater part of the year, Hickson said researchers are keeping the exact location a secret so as to preserve the unique area.

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Wells Gray PP is very remote indeed! North of Kamloops BC, it's way up there in the mountains. 

Counting down until a local native tribe lays claim to it. "We've used that cave for 1000s of years as a sacred site!" :/
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Big, deep, wet cave in Canada. Lucky they are keeping the location secret or I would have been on the first flight out.
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