Marilyn Monroe Screen Test - "Something's Got To Give" (1962)

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Makeup and costume screen test for a movie she never completed.

Perfect for the Monday Morning Blues.
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Just like the death of JFK we're no closer to the real cause of death of Marilyn, it seems. She would have been older than The Queen(whom she met) today. Now Playboy's Hugh M Hefner is buried in the slab right next to hers. RIP.
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her hair looks like a candy floss cloud.
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Norma Jean was a serious actress and an intelligent and well-read woman. She could be anyone she chose to be and the audience would believe her.
But the money-up-front wanted a sex kitten, so that's what she played. Most of her career was a pointless waste of her real talent. She needed to live and work another thirty years to find the roles that she could inhabit so completely that other actressess would fear playing them.
Watch her in 'The Misfits'. Or see the few throwaway moments of casually great acting in the ridiculous but funny 'Let's Make Love'.
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semichisam01 "The Misfits" was excellent, but I understand the production was a nightmare. For me it's always going to be "Some Like It Hot."