What’s Wrong With Goop?

Submitted by: LordJim 3 weeks ago in Lifestyle
A fairly hostile examination of Gwyneth Paltrow's "lifestyle brand" company.

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To be fair Paltrow tells women to give blowjobs when they are mad so shes alright. 

That being said she's a lunatic and Netflix is gonna give her a show. Like wtf?
Female 5,289
The guy that made this video is an idiot. 
Within the first few minutes he claims- using science as his reason- that anti-vaxxers are all nuts, wifi is safe, and natural medicine is bogus (when there is literally screeds of information to at least disprove him). Maybe he should try looking at some science instead of just insulting people and then saying 'science' a lot.

The psychic vampire spray looks a bit bullshit though.
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emmettyville  The psychic vampire spray looks a bit bullshit though.

Well, at least we have that.

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The video pulls no punches but it's on target. Making huge sums of money off of this woo-woo stuff is unethical.