Comey Closed Door Testimony

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NBC News political analyst Nicolle Wallace interviews Comey for 92y, shortly after his closed door testimony to the House Judiciary Committee 

235 page transcript of the testimony. 

The President of the United States tweets: 
"On 245  occasions, former FBI Director James Comey told House investigators he didn’t know, didn’t recall, or couldn’t remember things when asked. Opened investigations on 4 Americans (not 2) - didn’t know who signed off and didn’t know Christopher Steele. All lies!"
"Leakin’ James Comey must have set a record for who lied the most to Congress in one day. His Friday testimony was so untruthful! This whole deal is a Rigged Fraud headed up by dishonest people who would do anything so that I could not become President. They are now exposed!"
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Trump calling anyone untruthful is ridiculous.  It's akin to Republicans labeling anyone a hypocrite.  
Female 6,818
Can remember enough to write a book though, fancy that :D
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melcervini Chairman Goodlatte instructed Comey: "If you honestly do not know the answer to a question or do not remember it, it is best not to guess." (p. 7)