Restaurant-Goer Arrested For Allegedly Threatening To "Blow Up" Eatery's Bathroom

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Maybe if Willie's Chicken Shack stopped serving beans, this wouldn't be an issue.

An excerpt from NOLA: A man accused of threatening to blow up Willie’s Chicken Shack Tuesday night (Nov. 13) claimed to police when confronted about the allegation that his words were merely a reference to a bowel movement, the man’s warrant states.

Arthur Posey, 30, was booked on charges in connection to a bomb threat after his story was not corroborated with the restaurant’s employees, New Orleans police wrote in the warrant. Shortly after police were made aware of the bomb threat at the Canal Street restaurant, an officer confronted Posey inside a business in the next block, where the officer saw Posey enter.

Posey claimed to the officer he told a male employee he was going to “’blow the bathroom up,’ in reference to a bowel movement,” the warrant states. However, police say a Willie’s Chicken Shack employee told officers “Mr. Posey never told him anything about a bathroom.”

Posey faces two counts of communicating of false information of planned arson. Orleans Parish Magistrate Judge Harry Cantrell on Wednesday appointed the Orleans Public Defender’s Office to represent Posey. He scheduled a mental competency hearing for Nov. 29 in the case.
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I don’t know about Willie’s, but that defense would have absolutely held up at White Castle or Taco Bell.
Who hasn't blown up a bathroom
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You and I get a kick out of the same crazy stories. i was going to post this and the mini-horse one.