Man Wearing An "I ❤️ Jesus" Hat Broke Into Chesterfield Church, Ripped Bibles

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Why would you wear a peace symbol on your vest and have "Born to Kill" on your helmet?

An excerpt from WTVR: A Chesterfield Reverend is in disbelief after someone broke into his church, ripped Bibles, spray-painted walls, and smashed a glass window.

For 28 years, Ironbridge Church has served the community. Tuesday it was a polling location for Election Day.

"So apparently our electronic system did not work properly to relock one of the doors, that was unlocked for the polling," said Rev. Dennis Green.

Around 11:30 Tuesday night, surveillance cameras caught a male suspect make his way to the unlocked door, walked in and grabbed a couple of Bibles.

"Came through, just throwing pages, ripping and throwing them out as he came through,” said Rev. Green.

The suspect didn’t stop there. He also destroyed an interior window and spray-painted walls, police said.

"He took something out of his pocket, broke a window but didn't go in the office," said Rev. Green.

Police said the incident does not appear to be random. They said the suspect was wearing and a black hat.

Before the suspect could leave, he left a long trail of blood behind him, from the broken window to back out the door he came in through.

The suspect is described as a white male in his late 20s or early 30s, about 6 feet tall with an average build. He has dark hair and a full beard. He was seen wearing a black jacket, light-colored jeans, dark-colored shoes, and the black hat.
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"Why do you where a peace symbol on your vest and have "Born to Kill" on your helmet?"
  This is a very simple question and there is a very simple answer, Peace thru superior firepower. 
   It is a time honored method and has work well in many cases.
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doesn't surprise me. i think someone will recognize him though.
Having for social justice Warriors made this socially acceptable? There's something you don't like you can have a violent Outburst about it.
Church robberies have always been a thing. But when they happened the clergy tend to be very unforgiving