Dallas Jailers Ordered This Transgender Woman To Show Her Genitals, Lawsuit Says

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Here is an unrelated video she participated in for a Dallas online magazine.

An excerpt from the Dallas Morning News: A transgender woman has filed a federal lawsuit against Dallas County alleging jailers ordered her to show her genitalia to them so they could determine her sex.

Valerie Jackson, 32, had been arrested in November 2016 after she left a gun in her purse when she went through security at Dallas Love Field. A grand jury has since declined to indict her on the weapons charge.

Her lawsuit, filed Friday, alleges that she was harassed and humiliated at the jail and that her constitutional rights were violated.  

Dallas County placed her in danger by housing her with men, the lawsuit says. Jackson was male at birth but legally changed her gender to female and is identified in court records as a woman.

"Ms. Jackson has suffered trauma, felt demoralized, anxious, stressed, a loss of dignity, and fear," the lawsuit says.

A spokesman for Dallas County Sheriff Marian Brown, who is named in the lawsuit, said the sheriff would not comment. 

"Sorry, but since it is in litigation, under advice of attorney, the Sheriff's Department does not comment on lawsuits," Raul Reyna said Monday.

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The doger here is that no matter where this person was place it would leave the jail open to a lawsuit of some kind. It does not say whether this person had or had not been sniped only that some court has deemed that their a woman. If uncliped and placed with women than they have a legitimate claim of being place in danger. A little more info would have been nice. But it looks like if they made this person show and was place with men then uncliped would be my guess.
  These are the kind of problems you get when you fool around with nature.
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I don't know where every podunk sheriffs  office is with transgender detention  rights but  large cities ( like Dallas) should have them.  They must pickup trans hookers fairly often (like Danny Bonaducci and Eddie Murphy did) and they are responible for their safety.
Female 6,716
dick and balls = dude = jailed with dudes.  No dick no balls = not dude = not jailed with dudes.  You might have yourself "legally" recognized as a mongoose, but that doesn't mean you get to sleep in the zoo.  Perhaps next time dont try to sneak a firearm on an airplane?
Male 18,342
No makeup tyranny mugshot still looks OK. Kudos! 
If he didn't want to lose his privacy he should have committed a crime. Welcome to the penal system where are strip searches are a regular thing.