Life Lessons From Centenarians

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Lot of wisdom here.
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My Grandfather called me close, I bend down and he whispered;  "Never slap a man who chews tobacco".... Words of wisdom.
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When my father was diagnosed with early onset of dementia, he thought about it for a moment, shrugged with a smile and said.  "Not a horrible thing... I can tell anyone I want to go to hell now and I have an excuse."
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Mark Twain started giving life advice on his seventieth birthday. I'm going to wait until I reach 100. 
At that age, no matter how much crap you spout, nobody has the nerve to be the first one to tell you you're full of shit.
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I love old people. They say stuff you won't hear anywhere else.
Miss Maude-Ruth, who didn't drive but was driven like Miss Daisy, once said
over dinner "I used to drive before they had licenses, but you couldn't get a
license if you had glasses back then". And she's never driven since.

Nandor Lazar survived Buchenwald. He told me the way he survived was "dumb luck".
He wasn't stronger, or smarter than the other prisoners. There are no gods , life is 
just a series of dumb luck. He may have a point if you think about it.
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Gerry1of1 That reminds me of a time long past. When I was a student a couple of my friends lucked intyo a nice two-bed flat in a nice part of town at a very reasonable price. Old Victorian place, the ground floor was occupied by the little old lady who owned it. The guys were strict about keeping the noise down and respecting the old lady.

She was what we called slightly dotty back in those days, now they call it early dementia. They knocked on her door every day to check she was OK.

For some reason when I came round to call she decided my name was Barclay. maybe I resembled an old friend, and if they weren't in she'd ask me in for tea.Of course, but at first I felt slightly uncomfortable.I was always aware that I was slightly unshaven and my nails were less than well-trimmed. I did subsequently pay more attention to that because I might be taking tea..So that stuck.  About the third time she said "Barclay, do you remeber this?" It was a photo of her on an early bur powerful looking-motor-cycle in full kit. And in an early bi-plane. At the controls. Stately homes in the back-ground. Turns out she was a hell cat in days of gilded youth.

Two years later her family took her away.