We Need More Feynman

Submitted by: BuckeyeJoe 2 months ago in Science
Richard Feynman at Caltech in 1959.

Richard Feynman excelled at explaining ridiculously hard ideas in easily understood ways. Many physicists maintain that he was the greatest at this, with no one before or since able to match this feat.

Here you can find, for free, a series of 4 lectures presented by Feynman in 1979 in New Zealand. In this series, he details the entire theory of Quantum Electrodynamics, and does so at a level that is understandable to anyone interested.

Let me tell you, that is quite a feat, and quite a treat. Take my word for it: I have undergone the grueling pain-station that is learning QED in grad school. Pages and pages of symbols. You alternate between masturbating and crying. 

To witness someone explain it so clearly is simply genius. I hope you all enjoy. 
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Great post!  Love it and love you buckeyejoe
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Thanks! It should help understand your previous post.