Tom Lehrer Sings "The Irish Ballad"

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Thank you to LordJim for leading me down this rabbit hole a while back. This guy was born in 1928 and he's still kick'n, do the math on that. Holy guacamole. I guess crack'n sarcastic jokes keep you alive.
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Lehrer wasn't the first or the last to see the relationship between music and mathematics. I can sing all of his songs from memory, although no one has asked me to recently. I tried to meet him in the 50s, but he was always on tour, and came back after I left Boston. He crunched numbers for NSA a few years before I crunched Russian for them, and he moved to Santa Cruz a few months after I had left. We keep missing each other.
If there are any other nerds on this site who haven't heard 'Lobachevsky' or 'The Element Song', go find them now.