7 Most Mind-Bending Theories About The Universe

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Pick whichever ya like -- Cthulu and the Elder Gods won't mind.
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I hope they cover Deism... and Abiogenesis too!
(it doesn't, alas!)
1. So you are God and created this universe just as it is, then forgot why you did it? :-)
2. Naw.
3. Sounds appealing, but since travel (or even communication) between such multi-universes would be utterly impossible? It makes no difference and doesn't answer the fundamental questions after all.
4. If freewill is an illusion? Then there's no point even existing.
5. Neat, they did specify that there are 3 physical dimensions, so a new one would be the 4th (physical) not the 5th (with time as the 4th eh?)
6. Maybe.
7. Naw.

Multi-verse and Simulation are very similar. Just that one has a Creator and the other has a Computer...
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gohikineko gohikineko 
1) It's a dream. You usually don't know when you are dreaming, and you don't know why you are dreaming.

2) The inside of a black hole might look like a universe. If certain variations of the ART apply, each black hole will form an Einstein-Rosen-Bridge to create a new universe. If that is true and if the laws of nature vary by each universe, universes with the most black holes will be the default, creating similar child universes. If an universe has a lot of black holes, it will create habitable solar systems, too. Most universes should contain life then, and almost all of them are "inside" a black hole.

4) I believe in free will either because it's true or because I'm destined to.

5) Time is the first dimension in lorenz manyfolds.
I recently learned about https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Octonion s being mathematical structures able to explain the existence of the particles making up our world - they would be the points where a × a = a (as in 1 ⋅ 1 = 1).

6) "promising" … never ceased to :-)

7) If simulation is possible, it's most unlikely to not be in a simulation - combine that with (2) :-)

daegog and the video creator: Thanks for a text put into a video to prevent me from reading it at my pace while listening to my music.
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maybe if you combine the solipsism and the black hole.....everything is getting sucked into your consciousness...