[Photos] Check Out These Sweet Pics From The 2018 Winter Paralympics

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These games seem so much more interesting than last month's regular Olympics -- more of a challenge, if you ask me.

Athletes have gathered in Pyeongchang, South Korea, one more time for the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games. More than 650 competitors from 40 countries have come to compete in 80 events in six sports over 10 days. Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, and biathlon events all have three classifications, for sitting, standing, or visually impaired athletes. Para-snowboarding also has three classifications. Wheelchair curling and sledge hockey are both adaptations of other Olympic sports. Gathered here, images from the opening ceremony and action in the first half of the competition. -- Alan Taylor, The Atlantic
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I started playing sledge hockey 26 years ago.  I have bad ankles, which makes skating painful.  But I'm a big hockey fan, so when I moved to my new home town I was introduced through friends to the sport.  They needed numbers and didn't mind another AB (able body) playing on the team with the gimps (their name for themselves, although "wheelies" when in public.

I've played against Olympic class players when the sport was young enough that the team members still played with their home clubs when not playing for the national team. That did change over time, as the national team banned them from playing with their home teams (due to risk of injury).

Its certainly a contact sport and make no bones about it, these folks are athletes.

I retired from playing a few years ago - my left shoulder prevents me from playing competitively now.

Good days, good days.
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These are spectacular!  In a lot of ways, makes the "Olympics" pale in comparison...not that I could perform at either level.

Honest question:  Did Oscar Pistorius spoil Para-Sports similar to how Lance Armstrong spoiled cycling?