This Is What It's Like To Fly Over The Super Bowl In An Air Force F-16

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Even Pink or her 'National Anthem' couldn't ruin this flight.
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I was wondering why the cover pic was an A-10 Warthog, but I see they few escort. Cool video. Merica!
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People only think about the pilots, no one ever gives a thought to those poor bastards on the flight line.

Worst goddamn job in the USAF.  Out there in the freezing cold, jets doing afterburner take offs blowing your ears out to shit, Having to deal with the zipper suited sungods on a daily basis..  Man, that job is ass.

They know EXACTLY how much it costs to do that trip, they just didnt want to tell ya lol.

To the best of my recollection, F-16 were about 15K per flight hour and the new f22 raptor costs about 65K per flight hour.  No idea about the A-10.
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daegog It is a lot less then those you mention, a very economical killing machine!
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"Even Pink or her 'National Anthem' couldn't ruin this flight."

Come on. Pink was three days into this flu that has been killing people. I thought she rocked it.