Check Out This Sweet Footage Of Christian Moullec Flying With Migrating Geese

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Christian Moullec, a 58-year-old microlight pilot, always had a passion for birds. According to the Daily Mail, he first started flying alongside them in 1995, when he tried to migrate them to areas where they would be well protected, in order to stop their numbers from dwindling.

Those initial trips inspired the Birdman to go even further, and for years, he dedicated his life to raising and training orphaned geese while helping other birds whose numbers were declining.

It took him many years to finally fly alongside birds, but when he finally did, he knew he had to share the breathtaking experience with other people. Which is what you see in the video above -- him taking other people up in the air with him on his microlight plane to experience flying in formation with wild geese.
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Definitely something that would be a life changing experience.  Damn that guy is a damn good pilot.  Beautiful.
Male 9,505
Very cool. Great post. It was interesting to see how perfectly aerodynamic and streamlined the bodies of these birds are while in flight.
Male 1,886
The expressions on the faces of his passengers tells you how amazing this was
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that was amazing and beautiful.