Man Fakes Own Death After Wife Hires Hit Man

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Maria 'Lulu' Sosa and the mocked-up crime scene.

Just like the movies, Maria 'Lulu' Sosa, 43, hired a man to kill her husband, Ramon Sosa, 50.

Little did she know the man was a former student of Ramos', who was a boxing instructor. They went to police, concocted a sting and she is going to jail for 20 years. Good!
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She's taking "till death do us part" too seriously.

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So did the former student get charged for his crime?
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punko The student went to police, the police used a different guy for the "setup" a cop eh?
IDK if the student contacted Ramon first or if the cops did that, the story isn't all that clear :/

She paid 1,700 pounds? Like $3000 bucks, that's pretty cheap! Lolz!
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punko What crime?  he didn't kill the dude.