This Financial Firm Is Being Sued By It's Employees Over Wolf Of Wall Street-like Shenanigans

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The former employees of a debt consolidation and lending company (led by Chief Financial Officer Mark Mancino and co-owner Michael Hamill)have filed a lawsuit against the firm claiming it is a 'sexually erotic cesspool' of harassment and discrimination.

Former human resources director Nicole Orlando, with two other former female employees, filed the lawsuit on Thursday against American Funding Group and a related family of companies in Tindon Falls, New Jersey.

In a video purporting to show and office birthday party, a stripper puts a ball gag in Hamill's mouth and handcuffs him to a chair, and then grinding on him and whipping him on the floor.

As the stripper wielded a sex toy in one hand, Mancino told Hamill that if he refused to put the ball gag in his mouth, the stripper would 'use the strap-on on him', the suit claims.

After Mancino shouted out that Hamill 'was getting a hard on,' the festivities culminated with a 'giant penis cake' reading 'Happy Birthday Dick,' according to the plaintiffs.

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Male 7,487
Given the quality of strippers they hired, is it that successful a firm?  I could probably find that chick on craigslist.
Male 2,462
daegog debt consolidation company in New Jersey?  This isn't a "financial" firm, this is a mob collection agency.  The guy on the floor was Tony Soprano.