Crime Scene Photos Of The 1900s Show The Macabre Underbelly Of New York

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Journey into the dark, seedy underbelly of New York's seedy criminal past. Every photo is black and white, and there's no gore, but there are some corpses. NSFWish.

A man lies dead in a hallway, New York,circa 1916-1920

Police investigators observe the crime scene where Richard "Peg Leg" Lonergan was shot down by Al Capone at the Adonis Social Club, on Dec. 28, 1925.

Customs officials search four Chinese crew members arrested on charges of smuggling $1.5 million worth of opium aboard the SS President Harrison on Oct. 3, 1928.

NYU students pose with the kidnapped Fordham University mascot on Nov. 11, 1933.

A mystery witness using a disguise and an assumed name testifies against the Mafia on Dec. 2, 1969.

A photograph of the Janice Wylie and Emily Hoffert murder scene at 57 East 88th Street on Aug. 30, 1963.

Detectives Francis McCarthy (left) and Alexander McCoregney examine an assortment of pipe bombs, hand grenades, bulletproof vests, and weapons believed to belong to Jack "Legs" Diamond on Oct. 13, 1930.

A burglary suspect is arrested by two police officers in the Bronx as he descends a fire escape on Dec. 19, 1964.

Nela Bogacki, ringleader of the "Continental call girl ring," is handcuffed to her associate, Salema Hontover, after being arrested by the FBI on Oct. 19, 1956.

Mass murderer Harry F. Powers, also known as the Butcher of Clarksburg, tells a detective the details of his grisly murders on Sept. 1, 1931.

New York Daily News photographer Phil Grietzer is charged by two convicts at the West 68th Street Precinct on Jan. 19, 1955.
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Everyone is so well dressed
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oobaka It only goes to show how far some social standards have fallen.  Don't get me wrong, the western world is better now that it was at the turn of the (last) century overall, but there remains social standards that have fallen over time, and very sharply over the last generation.

Most of them destroyed by the cult of 'me'.