Behind The Scenes Of "Game Of Thrones"

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How did everything come to life? From creating White Walkers to a singing guest star to crafting Dragonstone, Maisie Williams, Emilia Clarke and other cast and crew debrief on the making of the Season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones.
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daegog Fair enough since he was the one who tore it down in the first place.
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i gave up after the show outpaced the books.  Twin Peaks is my sunday fix. 
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rumham That's why I decided to not read the books until the series is over. They are often disappointing if you've read the books.
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squidbush george rrrrrrr tolkien wannabe has sold his soul to the cash cow, he will never finish his books
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The following is NOT MY WORK, but it was a pretty good read and i thought others would want to see some speculation for the last season:


  • Night King's army marches and destroys multiple cities on their way to Winterfell.
  • Jon and Dany arrive in White Harbor and learn of the news, rush to Winterfell's defense
  • Jaime leads his forces north despite Cersei's backstabbing plot; meets up with Bronn, Podrick, Brienne, The Hound, and Grey Worm; armies combine under Jaime + Grey Worm joint command
  • Jon and the Stark children are reunited; Jon is told that he's actually a legitimized Targaryen which shocks Dany
  • Dany and Jon have an argument about who will rule the Iron Throne; they have sex afterwards


  • Night King's army arrives to besiege Winterfell
  • Euron in Essos readies to ferry Golden Company; meets Theon's fleet in open waters and challenges Theon to single combat
  • Theon is mortally wounded but manages to kill Euron; flagship in flames; rest of gold will be gone; Golden Company attempt to retreat but are intercepted by Daario; Cersei no longer has a relief force for her sneak attack
  • Yara is saved and retires in Iron Islands
  • Cersei hears of the news and decides on a gamble - because the good guys are besieged by Army of the Dead, she consolidates the armies that are loyal to her and beef up the defense of King's Landing
  • Davos meets Melisandre again and he is able to forgive her
  • Dany decides on an aggressive attack and leads forces against undead besiegers; NK on un-Viserion kills Rhaegal and zombifies him
  • Dany goes insane with grief and torches a lot of undead forces, including some of the allied soldiers who were in close combat; this horrifies the lords of the alliance


  • Varys attempts to betray Daenerys thinking she's gone insane, arrives in King's Landing and finds out that Cersei's plan is much worse; before he can escape, Qyburn kills him
  • Winterfell forces attempt to retreat
  • Night's Watch arrive to offer rearguard but are obliterated (RIP Edd); Grey Worm also dies in this episode
  • Jaime links up with survivors; allied forces make camp south of Greywater Watch (Howland Reed and Meera appearance)
  • During camp, Tyrion tries to shame Daenerys for her actions but Jon pleads to the loyalties of the lords; Tyrion is imprisoned
  • Reed and some forces try to hold off NK in the swamps but are overrun; army retreats once more further south


  • Sansa speaks to Tyrion and appeals to his good side, releases him in secret
  • Tyrion arrives in KL to persuade Cersei to end her plot to no avail; she decides to march to trap the allied forces in Ruby Ford
  • Allied armies continue their retreat further south; they arrive in Ruby Ford when Jon's true parentage is made known to everyone (previously known to only a few in a close circle)
  • Dany decides that her bid for the Iron Throne is no longer necessary and that Jon is the legitimate ruler; her guilt due to her recent actions make her feel that she's not worthy of ruling Westeros
  • Dany flies off on Drogon to face NK; Jon tries to stop her but fails
  • In a climactic battle, Drogon kills un-Viserion and un-Rhaegal, but he too is killed; Dany and NK fall off their dragons; Dany falls on a hill, NK falls further off; episode ends with NK stirring


  • Cersei's trap is laid out - wildfire flowing in Ruby Ford; Qyburn has Bronn torch the entire river, killing living and undead alike; Bronn is conflicted but follows orders
  • Jaime sees what Bronn did, tries to fight him but he's no match due to having only one hand; Bronn attempts to kill him but stops, just in time for Tormund to stab him
  • Arya sneaks off and tries to assassinate Cersei but Tyrion stops her; she stabs and wounds Tyrion; Cersei spots Cersei flanked by Qyburn and The Mountain who smacks her hard
  • Arya is about to be killed when THE HOUND appears and blocks The Mountain's attack; CLEGANEBOWL!
  • Hound and Mountain fight outside of the camp, killing soldiers that stand in their way until The Mountain manages to pierce Hound's torso clean through; The Hound dies (?)
  • Jon manages to get to Dany, killing a lot of undead in the process; NK also arrives and one-on-one combat ensues; Jon realizes that Longclaw alone cannot damage the NK as he deflects all attacks
  • He throws Jon and he's knocked away; NK gets to Dany and lifts her up, choking her; Dany screams at Jon who struggles to get up
  • Jon, seeing the NK vulnerable, rushes with Longclaw and impales both Dany and NK --- Azor Ahai kills his wife Nissa Nissa, fulfilling the prophecy
  • Longclaw bursts into magical flames, burning the Night King and destroying his army
  • Dany dies in Jon's arms
  • Episode ends with Jon, looking tired and defeated, staring further ahead and the burning river and the rampaging Mountain


  • The Mountain is plowing thru soldiers - killing Podrick, Howland Reed, and Beric; he's about to kill Jon when Ghost roars and attacks him; he throws off Ghost who stands in front of Jon, defending him
  • Just before The Mountain can kill Jon, The Hound blocks his attack yet again... CLEGANEBOWL 2.0; it's revealed that Melisandre sacrificed herself to revive The Hound
  • The Hound overcomes his fear of fire, stabbing The Mountain again and again but he cannot kill him; knowing that the undead can be killed by fire, he tackles The Mountain and they fall in the burning river - both die
  • The survivors are tired and trapped between the burning river and Cersei's army; Cersei screams "BURN THEM ALL!"
  • Qyburn readies one of his machines but Arya manages to kill him; she's about to rush up to Cersei but Jaime stops her; she nods and understands
  • Cersei sees Qyburn's machines failing, her camp now in flames; she repeatedly screams for people to burn - Jaime sees her and embraces her, the twins die in the flames
  • A wounded Tyrion sees his siblings die and realize that his house is ruined, he leaves in exile
  • The dead are buried and honored; the Lannister-loyal army surrenders; everyone bends the knee to Aegon Targaryen/Jon Snow, now the ruler of Westeros
  • Arya and Sansa head back to Winterfell to rebuild; Bran says he will go back beyond The Wall, bringing Tormund to guide him; Sansa tells Brienne that she no longer needs to protect the Stark sisters, but she can protect their brother... TORMUND IS EXCITED!
  • Jon says goodbye to his siblings and friends, going back to King's Landing with Davos as his Hand; it is hinted that Jon and Sansa are first cousins and may end up getting married eventually to cement an alliance (Jon ignores it at first since he's still thinking of Dany)


Sam talks about how the Stark sisters have rebuilt Winterfell and that Sansa has a lot of suitors (Sir Joe of House Jonas cameo... just kidding).

Arya is shown with Gendry packing their things for an adventure, they arrive in Hot Pie's inn... outside she can hear Nymeria's howl.

A scene is shown of Tyrion traveling the high seas with a sad look on his face.

Jon is sitting on the Iron Throne - the joint ruler of Westeros and the kingdoms of Slaver's Bay (renamed Wolf's Bay). Davos and Missandei are advising him.

Cut to The Wall, mirroring the scene from the S01E01 - with the gates opening. Tormund, Brienne and Bran have arrived back in Castle Black after Bran's little excursion. They are met by Sam. It is revealed that Sam is now Lord Commander, but has pulled a few strings with Jon, now Little Sam has become heir to Horn Hill to ensure that he and Gilly will have a better future.

Sam asks Bran about his dreams and Bran mentioned that the worst is over, and now he just 'dreams of spring'.

Bran asks him about his book and its title - Sam mentions that he will be calling it "The Legend of the Bastard".

Bran laughs and tells him he has a better idea... call it "A Game of Thrones".

Sam looks at him in an odd way and he comments nonchalantly that it might take him decades to finish writing.

Camera pans out of Castle Black and The Wall, then further to Eastwatch where we see a town has popped up (later revealed that North of the Wall just became prime real estate for anyone who wished to settle there). Camera flies off to Hardhome... and further north to cave of the Children of the Forest... and north and north and northward it goes... obscured by fog...

... we then zoom in to an unknown location... surrounded by chill and a blizzard...

... we see a mechanical contraption, something technologically advanced, and that it's been broken through...

... we see the numeral "II" on the side of the machine...

... we see footprints... and a child walking in the distance...
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daegog i pray you cut and pasted that