Trump's Personal And Professional Life Is Perfectly Documented By These "New York Post" Front Page Covers

Submitted by: fancylad 1 year ago in Funny News & Politics

It's interesting to see Trump's life documented through the lens of a sleazy New York tabloid -- it reminds us how the hell we got here, plus the headlines are worth the admission price alone.

Anyhoo, these photos are a good time capsule of Trump's pseudo celebrity --  these are the cover images your grandchildren will be studying in their future history classes, after the apocalypse.

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Male 18,342
Face ... palm ... giggle ... headshake ... shrug
Male 2,166
"Best Sex"?? She must of been married to a dildo..oh wait, then she married another one.
Male 13,415
handimanner Well, according to her "publicist".