OUCH! There Was A Massive 25-Plus Girl Pile-Up At A Brooklyn Bike Race Over The Weekend

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Holy crap! This was what the first few seconds of the Red Hook Criterium Bicycle Finals looked like for the women's division. I can't even begin to get an accurate count of how many bicyclists got caught up in this crash -- I lost count at 25. Take a look at the video below though -- if you look closely, you'll see what caused the catastrophe -- the rider with the bright pink bike was trying to avoid a traffic cone and that's all it took...

And here's a rear view of the crash... brutal.

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Never have I been so disappointed in a video entitled '25 girl pile up'.
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Anyone? OK fine, Ill do it. 

Women Drivers!

You can tell they are all Lesbians, they just fucked off. If they were straight they would still be hugging each other, talking about the best way to get blood stains out of shirts.

Can you imagine the end of the race? You know the bit where they all have to park.......


Gerry1of1 you beat me!
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hmm, looks like a ...... Ho Down
That's a wheelie spoke-tacular crash up, a Chain reaction.
The bikes fell over because they were two tired.
I shouldn't laugh but I'm a cycle-path
Who's the spokes-person for that group?

Sorry about these puns, it's a vicious cycle

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In the 2nd video, the juxtaposition of the cowbells with the slowed-down voices of the bicyclists was pretty funny. Sounded like a herd of cows falling off a cliff: "MOOOOOO!"
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*insert obligatory snarky comment about women drivers here*

Serious, that sucked.