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Flip the tiles and spin them to make the longest line possible. A variation of a theme you`ve probably played before.

Castle Wars 2

Turn-based card game. First Campaign is easy, finishing it is a bish. Warning: This will eat your day.

Underwater Sanctuary

Take a dive through Austria`s Green Lake, where a beautiful hiking trail, complete with benches, lies frozen in time.

Creeper World

No, it`s not a game about Pedos. Just defeat the creep or be destroyed. Addictive RTS will keep you playing for hours.

Small Worlds

Nice little platform game, where the world expands as you play. Hint: There`s only 1 path that gets you to each level.

Alien SOS

Fire at the ground to break threw it, grab all the coins and reach the exit. Also, keep away from the dirty earthlings.

Yo-Ho-Ho Cannon

Adjust the trajectory of your cannon and try to destroy the enemy cannons by exploding the barrels of TNT in each level.

Visible 2

Overcome deadly traps and mines as you explore each level in search of the exit. Tip: Keep an eye out at your reflection

Phage Wars, Part 2

Overtake all other parasites and become the Dominant Species. Master each parasite effectively and infect all life forms


A grenade-throwing physicsy game. The objective is to destroy all of your enemies with a limited number of grenades.