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stifler wrote:
[Comment deleted - used three over-the-top anti-gays slurs to personally attack two users. Stifler, dude, this wasn't cool. markust123]
stifler wrote:
[Comment deleted - over-the-top personal attacks. Markust123]

stifler wrote:
I have had this movie in my CP for the last 3 years! woooo
stifler wrote:
megrendel America's population 2017 == 328 Million

You cannot honestly believe for one second that you have your finger on the pulse of 325,000,000 individuals in your country...

(The NRA is only 5 Million) That is 1.5% of the population.....
stifler wrote:
bliznik If that could effectively and truly put into place, I am sure it would be an excellent start.

Anything that takes guns away from:
  • mentally disabled
  • criminals (aka mentally disabled)
  • gang members (aka mentally disabled criminals)
  • The NRA (aka mentally disabled gang members)
  • Anyone who's conversation goes along these lines (aka mentally disabled)
    • "You can't take our guns"
    • "Why?"
    • "'Cause I like Guns"

To be honest though, since America has not actually had a census on this topic,  I am only hearing blah blah blah from megrendel and yourself (I'm not trying to stop the conversation), however it is only your and megrendels opinions.

The King is dead! Long Live King James II..
stifler wrote:
dm2754 I'd say if you live in 'Murika and an adult, you have already lost.

These kids have voiced their opinion now, so you know it. This one time march might not make the difference, it is their voting and decisions that will in the longer term.

If you are an adult in 'Murika, then either continue to be the stubborn dick causing delay to inevitable change, or go with it and help make the difference to the society that you will soon no longer be a part of ('cause like happens to everyone, you'll die, and all that meaning you thought you had will be irrelevant).

Either that, or you could try to squash them all under poorly made American bridges....
stifler wrote:
If you are (or want to be) an entertainer, you are by definition a narcissist. Nothing else to see or say here, moving on.
stifler wrote:
Seems like I might have been right in my last post regarding the whole gun BS in 'Murika.

If you took a Census, you might be surprised at the overwhelming vote to remove guns.

Now if all those students actually did something useful like /vote/ at the next election for a party that agreed to remove guns....

Oh thats right, voting is not a legal requirement in 'Murika. It gets in the way of much more important things like hanging out at the mall....

stifler wrote:
buttersrules dunno. guess I didnt work it out either.
stifler wrote:
markust123 Your reasoning is why I will probably not continue to frequent this site. You argue for not censoring language, but then go on to describe censorship of exactly that.

If someone can form a cogent simile, but happens to be derogatory about it, there is nothing wrong with that at all. You might feel like they are lower than you, but then that is a weakness of yours not a trait of theirs.

The only thing I have a problem with, more than the fuckwits who only yell profanities and cannot form an argument, are those cunts who think that they are better than others and immediately attempt to elevate themselves, when given the proverbial additional 6 foot more rope.

Take the rope and elevate yourself, it might pull your head out of your fucking arse.

stifler wrote:
buttersrules buzz buzz (the sound of Lorraine's toy!)
stifler wrote:
buttersrules good think the west wannabe SA's didnt just raise your favourite beer by 300% too :)
stifler wrote:
buttersrules VIVA LA VEGIMITE!

Take this site back!
stifler wrote:
holygod They made you mod voted to make you mod, and you didnt get this most obvious reference to societies culture?

Let me spell it out for you:



stifler wrote:
buttersrules did you identify my reply-post to you?! Or too many pale ales?!

stifler wrote:
buttersrules what do you call a sheep with its head stuck in a fence in tasmania?

Its a lesiure centre!

stifler wrote:
holygod probably a typo. he meant Wigga
stifler wrote:
dieseljuice1891 try'n to get ur post count up 5cats?

If not, your just another toxic millennial who thinks they have what is coming to them. 

Which they do, but is not what they are thinking they will get...
stifler wrote:
robthelurker I think this might be the biggest wank I have ever had..
stifler wrote:
buttersrules I remember fun webgames!

TISM - The Phillip Ruddock Blues
stifler wrote:
/me installs cock-ring.
This might be a double dp. IE a double, double :P (eh! Canada anyone!!)


stifler wrote:
How 2FA works.

I have a channel on IRC at synirc.net. It is called #stifler. I have owned it for years.

You are welcome to join it because it doesnt matter to anyone. You can join it with your name here in IAB (this is your nick when you connect to synirc). It also doesnt matter, you can use a different name or a new name every day - but you are going to need to prove yourself.

Here is the example how:

Buttersrules joins and sends a message saying "gimme squirlz addy". I PM him and say fine, login into IAB and post some random comment like "Wombats are better when smothered in peanut butter" as YOU on IAB.

He does that and gets it right. It's him.!

Then I ask squrlz if he can have it. Squrlz say no - fuck off. I tell Butterrules to suck on dingos kidneys!

Most all sites do 2FA.

What is really sad is that back in 200x I signed up here with some bullshit email addy. And only last year I checked it and it was still the same bs email from 15 years ago. So I changed it. Low and behold, this site just did it! didnt even send me a confirm email to click on.

This site is so ARPANET era. :-p

So IAB just needs to do it the same, but opposite and with email. Its not 100% using email, it is so much more annoying for someone to have to signup for a whole new email just for a puppet account. let the runaround burn them out!
stifler wrote:
/me gets the hand cream ready
stifler wrote:
buttersrules Don't give'em the clickbait to generate revenue.
Also christopher_bourne / 5cats cannot really be cunts, cunts are useful. They are more like bunions.

We need to catch up for a beer! (stay tuned!)
stifler wrote:
melcervini only if you send me the unabridged version first :-P