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If you are <40 or American - Fuck off - dont talk to me. If you are 5cunts - I hope you die choking on your rapists' dick. Fuck the world - Fuck life - Fuck facetwatter - Go and hashtag your scrotum, on a picket fence

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layla_wilson Coming from a white trash, trailer park chick such as yourself? We all know you are already dead inside.
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So he filmed himself doing this. Batshit crazy springs to mind.

Also: Filipino girlfriend -- We ALL know what type of blokes have to go to Indonesia/Malaysia etc (Asia) to get a GF....

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 Bwak, Bwak, Bacawk!!

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markust123 I have no idea how your parties work anymore! Once upon a time, it was Liberal or Labour. Repubs were once Liberal, then became 'conservative' which is/was massively pro-union, which is basically Labour!

Either way, Trump clearly only get his information from the TV and not from any rational, data driven, place.

I wouldnt be surprised if he just 'googles' everything and hits the "I'm feeling lucky" button.
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Puerto Rico Air Guitar?!

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Great. Can just imagine what the kids are like when they grow up.

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Its funny because he is a nigger..
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Whats up with all this new "White Privilege" and general 'privilege' bullshit I keep hearing?

Just sounds like the new buzzword of the month - meh.

Oh and as I looked through the photos of all the American Mass murderers (because Martin Bryant wasn't in there, but he fits the bill - killed 35) one thing was blatantly clear from the pics. They were all obviously teased at school for being weirdo freaks.

Just like 5cats. - I cannot wait for that switch to flip! Then we can all say we knew him, point, and laugh.
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layla_wilson Well it is true that you brits would have done anything to be Italian, or Greek - god knows you like it up the wrong-un

You are still the motherland of the Murkins.

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stifler squrlz4ever - Except you!

I would share my nuts with you anytime :-D
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layla_wilson BABAAHAHA!! yeah I am raging!!

Typical left or right - I dont care; stupid cunt 'Murkin

Enjoy your pathetic (no)free-speech/(no)free-guns/(no)free-abortions{life}/(no)free-statues/(no)free-[fillintheblank]

England is laughing at you.

No seriously, England - your motherland is laughing at you,

We all know that they dumped their criminals here in Australia, but what America hasnt realised is that they dumped all their FUCKING STUPID PRUDES in AMERICA

Good fucking luck!

(I've been there - about 30 times a year, every year. you can have it)
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layla_wilson why dont you stop by my house, so I can fuck you to death - then you can be a (meaningless cunt and useless) "head on a stick"

One forbids that avatar photo of yours is not an actual one of you, because if it is, I hope you are comfortable with being a single ugly fucking white trailer park cum vacuum.

I would stab you in the eyeball with 5cunts dick, but his dick is about as sharp as his intelligence. So I will probably prefer to just shoot you from 32 stories up.......


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megrendel well done matey - you got it ;)

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now I have this stuck in my head!!

Darkness imprisoning me
All that I see
Absolute horror
I cannot live
I cannot die
Trapped in myself
Body my holding cell

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Right at the beginning. '... We're at Berkley, the free speech week that got cancelled, but we're still having a day of free speech anyway.'

Sounds like the whole idea of free speech, formalities got canned but that doesnt stop people voicing an opinion.

You are a FUCKING RETARD 5CUNTS, you are so fucking stupid, I'll bet that scientists cannot wait for you to die so they can cut you open and see how you managed without a fucking brain.

Then I hope they clone you - so all of us can all have one of you to fucking kill ourseves.

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Blac Chyna - WTF is that?! Slut Walk

She went to a beauty salon in Encino, Los Angeles

And came out looking like Encino man !!! BAhaahahahahahjah!!!

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been sniffing your old socks again?
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Halloween sucks. Only 'Murkin adults would wander the streets for lollies.

I prefer to look for strippers and pros to murder :-p

Bloodhound Gang

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I don't know what you are all talking about.

Who is this fag, and what the fuck is a facebook?
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Thats no moon.....
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Just goes to show....

Bike racing is SO... FUCKING... BORING..!!

ooooooo....... YAY!!!!