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If you are <40 or American - Fuck off - dont talk to me. If you are 5cunts - I hope you die choking on your rapists' dick. Fuck the world - Fuck life - Fuck facetwatter - Go and hashtag your scrotum, on a picket fence

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dm2754 I am sorry. My social experiment failed to your detriment.

Nigger (the word I used) I believe is offensive - but I got 0 votes either way.

Nigga (as in 'My Nigga!') should have been fully acceptable, and a form of endearment. However it got you -2 votes...

Proof that the wanker Americans (or Septic tanks) have completely lost all control and understanding of the language that they are bastardising.

Note: there are no letter 'Z' (pronounced "ZED") in this post!

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People like this need to be removed from the virus pool we call humans.

Male/Female - Boy/Girl are perfectly acceptable in the scientific and doctoral community to identify two genetic variations.

It doesnt matter if you have a wopping great wang between your legs (like me) or if you have a malformed dong (also known as 'the elusive button' or 'man in the boat'). What matters is how we consider the contribution to our society...

I am not a psycologist or behavioural expert, and I guess we'd need several of them and other experts to prove or deny the social benefits or failures of having children grow up in single sex 'hen'riarchial families.

But one thing I do know is that the gay family is not contributing to extending societies population (virus). That might be a good or bad thing - I dont know. But that is just biology; and religious or not you cannot deny how a male and female fucking is the only way to procreate (for now).

This kid should not be denied her right to be A FUCKING KID. These parents SHOULD be denied their right to be parents - they are either 1) on the band wagon looking for easy cash, or 2) STUPID CUNTS.

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They may not have invented the sexual revolution; however I am sure they are have much more, and much better, sex than you.

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I vote Cassandra.

Probably NSFW...
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christmas? when the fuck is that supposed start? I need to goto the shops before it starts....

oh fuck..
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who was the knob jockey that filmed this? I saw more of his thumb than the rollercoaster.
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Let me tell you....
I just gotta say...
What you wanna do is....
Then what your gonna do.....

I'm gonna google it anyway (especially from a stupid little 18 yo shit cunt. Its basically disrespecting an elder)


[anything here], BUT....

Its always been done like that.

I could go on forever!
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WTF is this shit - Trump was never gonna be MOY, and he never will be with the shit he is pulling.

Fucking slow news day..

And it is MAN of the year, not "person". Fucking geez,.

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Now I feel like fush and chups bro..
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How do animals mate? One of the sexes gets their 9's on and the others try to woo.

We are only animals.

Actually we are more like a multi-cell virus, and we need to be stopped........
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I love Japs - and this is exactly why.

Old custom - Remember our culture etc
New custom - inventing culture, without ignorance of the old crew!

Gotta love it
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Music - 0
Entertainment - 10!

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monkwarrior You're a fucking cunt and a faggot and a wanker. Hope the backpack explodes before you even get to tighten the straps
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Hope he launches himself into a flat clay-based vertical structure, at speed.
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Right - so you wrapped some chick up in duct tape (w/ black bra). Then you completely ignored that and made a costume out of red foam.

WTF - who posts this fucking shit and thinks that no one will notice that it is just fucking shit from teens wannabe-ing.

If it was writing, it would be plagiarism. If it was art - copyright. But this is just outright bullshit.
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'Dad' (whoever he was) looked SO disappointed.

I could have just cum in her face, the next day her eyes would have looked like that - money free

Well money shot but you know what I mean...

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layla_wilson Coming from a white trash, trailer park chick such as yourself? We all know you are already dead inside.
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So he filmed himself doing this. Batshit crazy springs to mind.

Also: Filipino girlfriend -- We ALL know what type of blokes have to go to Indonesia/Malaysia etc (Asia) to get a GF....

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 Bwak, Bwak, Bacawk!!

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markust123 I have no idea how your parties work anymore! Once upon a time, it was Liberal or Labour. Repubs were once Liberal, then became 'conservative' which is/was massively pro-union, which is basically Labour!

Either way, Trump clearly only get his information from the TV and not from any rational, data driven, place.

I wouldnt be surprised if he just 'googles' everything and hits the "I'm feeling lucky" button.
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Puerto Rico Air Guitar?!

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Great. Can just imagine what the kids are like when they grow up.

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Its funny because he is a nigger..