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shizzaster wrote: Link: June: Happy Gay & Lesbian Pride Month [Pic] [Rate Link] - It`s just a coincidence, I-A-B, don`t get your panties in a wad.
shizzaster wrote: Link: Olivia Munn`s Twilight: Don`t Date Vampires [Vid] [Rate Link] - THIS is how Twilight really should have played out.
shizzaster wrote: Link: Jon Gosselin`s Girlfriend Video [Rate Link] - You know that trashy coke-sniffing (allegedly but c`mon) gal that Jon from Jon & Kate is dating? She made a dating video
shizzaster wrote: Link: Plastic Surgery Gone Overboard [Video] [Rate Link] - The video which has been seen cannot be unseen.
shizzaster wrote: Link: Man Attempts To Jump Motorcyle Off Ramp... [Rate Link] - ...while speeding on a lake. Hydroplaning at its best.
shizzaster wrote: Finally, a parent who gives a ####.
we need more parents like him.
shizzaster wrote: The hockey swing at the beginning was Chris Simon nailing Brian Holleweg. Simon is a known goon, totally useless on offense or defence, but very good at being a dirty, cheap son of a bitch.

Also, the video was pretty brutal.. missed out some of the TRUE cheap shots.
a hard punch in a fight in hockey isn`t a cheap shot, it`s just a knock out punch.

shizzaster wrote: It doesn`t matter WHO was kissing, be it guy on guy, girl on girl, or guy with girl. Public displays of affection are rude. Do it somewhere private so as not to gross the rest of the people around you out you horny poo eaters.
shizzaster wrote: The Sidney Crosby of soccer.
Immensly talented. just a whining and diving son of a bitch
shizzaster wrote: to the original poster of the link.
yes, it is HILARIOUS that he was a suicidal man who is paralyzed.


drating retards need to think before they talk.

shizzaster wrote: some of these are hilarious/awesome!
shizzaster wrote: haha hilarious
and yes, i do want to beat the poo out of him.
shizzaster wrote: is this prostitution?
shizzaster wrote: ...afterall, what are friends for?
shizzaster wrote: a lot of these facts are totally wrong...
while many of them are pretty obvious...
shizzaster wrote: Some of you guys are complete idiots for comparing him to heavyweights..
shizzaster wrote: what a sthity link.
big deal..
shizzaster wrote: p.s
the climax was pretty brutal, i was hoping for an all out brawl...
get the drat off my mom u bitch..

that wasn`t worth watching 9 minutes for.

shizzaster wrote: oh yeh, and I`m with koalameatpie...
IAB`s quality has seen a sharp downturn.
it`s just not the same as it used to be...
i`ll just throw this out there...
1) poor links
2) too many new trolls ex. almost every link gets 5+ pages of comments these days..
shizzaster wrote: a perfect metaophor for how a few idiots can hold up the progression of a large group of people who don`t give a drat about their little problems.
from what I saw, the bus driver was completely right in not letting her off the bus, it`s a policy schools all tend to accept.
the chick is just a huge, fat, ugly bitch. and her sister is a tubbier version of her. "ima sooo yew!!!!"
shizzaster wrote: it would be pretty awkward growing up and having a mom that`s basically the length of 2 rulers..
shizzaster wrote: superman for the win.
shizzaster wrote: obviously a lot of you are ignorant of islam, so i`ll attempt to enlighten some of you.
islam forbids the depicition of the prophet because the muslims believe it will lead to a form of idol worship, where they pray to the messenger instead of to the one diety aka allah.
to have an imagine depicted of him is offensive to many muslims, especially since nobody knows what he looks like.
if you think that it should be on wiki, that`s fine, but respected others beliefs should be considered...
either way, don`t shoot me, the messenger.
shizzaster wrote: HAHA.
any kids that desparate to get high deserve props...
is doobie that hard to find in the US?