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sam_r0ss wrote: salem your pretty pathetic.

I liked that one, id love to dress up with a crowd of bad santas and head down the bar.

sam_r0ss wrote: It`s cool i finally done it on day 315 i finally done it sooo happy. Strange tho i dont know how i became so addicted. Gutted that i didnt actually get any privalages on newgrounds tho lol...... ohhh ehhh its 3:45am ive got work at 8:00am.
sam_r0ss wrote: i dont know how to become an affiliate bt ill get if u can help please do so :-D
sam_r0ss wrote: good laugh:-D
sam_r0ss wrote: hmmm soo now ... i want to buy....... ehhh .... ehhh ... chease
sam_r0ss wrote: hmmm u can use that for a smilie in MSN heh heh
sam_r0ss wrote: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo the pain X-(
sam_r0ss wrote: huh this game any gd wat is the point in this clip?
sam_r0ss wrote: how many levels are there i got to 3 then got really bored lol