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Flew three times over the Atlantic before 1st birthday. What did you do before 9 a.m. today ?

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squrlz4ever Nope, too far south.  To find Inuit, you need to be generally waaaaay north.

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squrlz4ever Other that she's probably too tall for you, go for it!
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toetagmodel2 My son sort of falls into this.  He has had two severe reactions to vaccines already.  (ambulance rides are not fun, btw) We are working hard with his allergist to get him the coverage he needs while minimizing the reaction risk.  We strongly believe in the need to ensure he's vaccinated.  It rather pisses me off that folks decide not to vaccinate simply because of a New Year's Blond spouting bs on tv.

The upside though, is that the allergist is able to confirm his levels are sufficient and with annual monitoring, we are able to determine the timing and strength of the boosters to keep that coverage optimal.  Since those two bad reactions 10 years ago, he hasn't had a vaccine related reaction since.
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You'll find all kinds of folks everywhere, even here in Ontario.  Thankfully, I rarely have run into folks this, umm, focused on race.  My grandmother was like this, but she was a teenager in the Midlands in England during the roaring twenties and things were a whole lot different then.

I was a parent volunteer on an overnight trip this weekend. With the race distribution in my son's classroom and the way those teenagers got along with each other, pluralism (multi-culturalism, whatever you want to call it) is not only alive and well, but thriving.  Its not like they weren't aware of physical differences, they just don't care.

While I do worry about the future, its not race relations that worry me around here.
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melcervini I think he keeps using "incredibly popular movie" incorrectly.
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I don't want to wade into this sewage, but . . .

I'm pro choice and anti death penalty.

I wish all handguns were illegal, but I have no issues with folks hunting (just not with handguns).

I fully support space programs and I firmly believe that humans are negatively affecting the Earth on many, many levels including our climate.

I believe first-past-the-post voting system in use almost everywhere in North America should go away.  I believe that private voter contributions to political campaigns should not have tax credits and that the amount per voter should be capped and tracked.  I firmly believe that corporations should not be able to contribute to political campaigns, nor unions, nor any other entity other than individual voters that must register to vote, and must record a vote to have their contribution permitted.

I believe that jurors should not be selected from the general population, but selected from an educated pool of professional paid jurors.

I believe that politicians in office should be banned from fund raising while in office.

Let's face it.  Every friggin' circle you want to sort folks into overlaps with another friggin' circle for some folks.

NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS BLACK OR WHITE, particularly anything having to do with humans.

I believe in stuff that many others believe.  However, I believe things that those same folks would consider bat-shit crazy.

As soon as you decide I belong in group A, I can find something that proves I should be in group B.

You cannot assume that everyone who, for one reason or another, associates with a particular group on a particular issue, is 100% behind every "core tenant" or "policy position" on everything.

And, of course, I've got to pull these out:

1)  Smarties are better than M&M's
2)  M&M's are better than Reece's Pieces.

For Burger Chains in Canada:

A&W has the best hamburger
McDonalds has the best Fries
Burger King has the best shakes
Harvey's has the best onion rings

and to top it off,



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abortabortabort I suspect there was a bunch of back and forth before the video started.  why else would this driver (sadly, it looks like the driver) film this ?
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The guy on the motorcycle takes off like a bat out of hell, too.  Hopefully the license was recorded
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squrlz4ever Only if the target never moves.  My reflexes aren't exactly swift.

Currently, I guard the garden.  The distances tend to be shorter, and the invaders tend to be smaller.

When I do get to fly (at night), I enjoy landing quietly in neighbourhood gardens and letting pouncing cats shatter teeth on my skull.  It never gets old.

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The hardest thing with sniper kills of long distance, is getting the confirmation on the ground.

Having said all of that, that is one hell of a shot.
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Never saw it.  "modern classic" You must have different standards
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monkwarrior These two statements are not mutually exclusive.
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Meh.  its a term I'd never bother to use and I'm fairly certain I'd look down on anyone using it.

I mean, you're trying to bug someone that he wife is stepping out and using his resources to satisfy her needs and/or raise kids that aren't his.  If I really felt the need to point this out, I'm sure I've got the linguistic skills to spell it out for him without resorting to a cute term that he may or may not understand.
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thezigrat Amusingly, didn't you once state that your species had more than 2 genders ?
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No clue, but does he have more than one facial expression ?
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dromed This wasn't the act of a government.  This was an act by one person within the government.
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Thermonuclear option, please.
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Deadpool Barbie ?  What a concept !   I'd buy that for a dollar.
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How do you define a "sub par" Nick Cage movie?  I mean is is a sub-par movie that has Nick Cage in it, or is it below average for Nick Cage movies?  These definitions are WAY different.
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The lads are having fun, hardly "spooked fisherman" "hanging on for dear life".
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waldo863 I understand the concept, but it was the "blue law" term that I was unfamiliar.  With the politically charged atmosphere, I was uncertain if "blue law" was one side where a  "red law" was the other.  Thanks for clarifying!
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Thanks for posting.  Again, I enjoyed the MJ cover more as you could see her looping and was more familiar with the song.  This video didn't show her skills.
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scheckydamon I used to race cars, but they got too fast for me.
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waldo863 "Blue" laws ?  I'm not sure I get the reference