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profworm wrote:
Love the song, and the legacy... But lets be clear. People die in this video. Die dead, never to come back.

Evil, hated or otherwise, that's never something to be celebrated. It's unfortunate, even when necessary.

Imagine someone else, another nation, decided the world was only viable without you in it. Now stop imagining it, because they do. The only thing that stops them from posting videos like this is our first world advancement. They post videos of people dying and we revile it.... We post the same and it's a matter of national pride.

Any human being that celebrates death is the problem. They are the reason we are still at war. They are the reason a kid killed himself on livestream while sociopaths from 4chan cheered him on. This must stop. Death isn't the answer, it is an unfortunate consequence of the world we live in. Knowing it happens is necessary. celebrating it is wrong.
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I love sportsing and balls, but I hate the NCAA. You're making billions off these kids... But you'll pull scholarships if a coach even buys them a sandwich? That's what the bad guys do. You are the bad guys.
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RIP Aussie. I recently lost my green cheek conure after more than 25 years. I came home from work one day, and she was barely hanging on upside down from her perch. I lay with her in bed crying, and just as I was about to fall asleep I felt her beak on my lip.

It wasn't a kiss. She was gone.

I miss her so much.
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Nonsense, I hear so many people say...

And yet he may still be right about black holes. If time slows, and light can't escape, then an observer farther away would see that. They would see light being gathered and throttled. They would be able to turn away from it before it was too late. Or they may not. We don't know yet.

It took a mind like his to consider that. His loss is like a black hole. Our advancement is slowed by his loss. Our theories, and speculation, and progress without him are something we can see from afar... And something we are so eager to turn away from. A man who could do little else but consider the universe because of his disabilities. He was a computer, trapped in a box because of his frail body, but with the emotional depth and creative thought of a man.

He may have been wrong about some things. He may have been wrong about everything. But he gave humanity direction. He gave us avenues of theories to test, even before they were testable. He pointed at the stars, and said go that way... And we are going to take centuries to follow.

Second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning.

Rest in peace.
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"Another Teacher Discharges Weapon In Class And Injures A Student"

Well, at least that isn't a euphemism this time. That's almost progress.
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You were always one of the posters I looked forward to hearing from. I never replied to you-know-who because of how toxic he was, and because I never believed he was a real person. He was a character. He was a puppet. He was an act.

You, a person pretending to be a rodent, were more real and valid than he ever was.

I don't want an IAB without you. None of us do.
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If a man is only good because there is a reward at the end... Then he probably wasn't that good to begin with.
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You know why here are no clear videos of UFOs?

They always come out looking like airplanes.
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I'ma just start posting shit. Good, bad or otherwise... Stuff that entertains me when I am bor... Oh hey. That's the thing this is called.

Knife Fight :

For my Star Wars nerds :

The legend, Steve Martin :

Another, with Edie Brickell :

John Butler, Ocean :

Miyavi, Japanese slap guitarist :

Mongolian throat singing rap? :

I don't like dubstep. I love Savant. :

How about some dance videos?

Morning of Owl V Body Carnival :

Fik-Shun :

Les Twins, Larry and Laurent :

Ending this with three songs from Caravan Palace, because they always make me happy and are not well enough known. Their recordings versus their live performances are completely different experiences.


I may do more later, if people are interested.
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Stupid. I know I mentioned I got robbed the other night, but I didn't even mention the followup. First responder was there in 2 minutes. They had a sniffer dog out in 6. Two detectives out within 20. They found the girl right away. Arrested him the next night.

Those cops they're refusing service to will still come to their rescue if they need it. Treat them with respect and they will do the same for you.
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Nein! Ich poppin meine luftwaffe!
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stifler The Welsh invented condoms by wrapping a sheep's lower intestine around their members.

The English improved on the design some years later by taking the intestine out of the sheep first.
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holygod I'm a freckled white Irishman with a red beard. The kid was a tool.
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jaysingrimm I've been at this particular job for 4 and a half years now. I'm graveyard shift, and also 90% of loss prevention here. I so want to start a youtube channel of videos of the shit that happens at night, but I don't want to make my store look bad either.

But exactly that... This kid thought he was going to come in, make some threats, and our corporate culture was going to implore me to give him the money. But we're a mom and pop. I did what I felt I had to to protect our assets. I'm employee of the fucking month.

Which is a combo breaker, because Fluffy the goldfish has held that title for the last three years running.
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normalfreak2 It's not. Best resolution or no, I had crazy adrenaline at that point. I've been doing this a long time. I always tell the young guys the same thing...

No matter how cool you think you are, when someone points a gun at you... You are not as cool as you think you are.

Frankly I'm glad I'm okay too. It's a lot to process, and I'm kinda drunk now. And I have to work again tonight, which is going to be less than stressless.

I'm buying a taser. I don't want to carry a gun, even thought this state allows it, I just don't want to. I know rifles and shotties well enough, as a farm kid growing up. But carrying for the purpose of potentially ending human life is a rubicon I don't want to cross unless I feel there is no other recourse.
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Feel the need to write about this. I work overnight at a grocery store. Not quite a supermarket, but we have a deli and spirits and cut our own meat. Pasty kid comes in last night with his girlfriend, leans on the counter and goes...

"I need to see what you've got in that register."

I go, "Are you fucking serious right now?"

He leans back, sticks his hand in the front of his pants like he has a gun and says, "Yeah, nigga."

I watch for a few seconds. He roots around for a bit, because he doesn't even know how to pretend like he has a gun. Up to his wrist in his own pants. I'm like... Fuck this noise.

So I maced him.

He took off out the door, his girl looking like a deer in headlights after him. Locked the door behind them, called the cops.

Seriously. Whitest kid I ever saw. Turns out he was 17, living in one of the most upper class neighborhoods in my state, and he's going to try and pull off a, "Yeah, nigga?"

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I always loved Nish on Mock the Week. There are always people that hate his laugh, which I don't get. He finds funny things funny, and he enjoys those things fully. 

I used to not like James Acaster during his first seasons, because he tried so hard to be deadpan. It wasn't him at all. It didn't work. He relaxed over the years though and now I think he's funny as hell.
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Jesus. That was pure emotion from a child. I write a lot, and I do so by voicing the characters out loud. I cry all the time making their voices sound right, interspersed by things like, "Fuck. that's a typo. Fix that." Emotions on and off like a switch.

But I'm 42 years old. He was a child. That's god damned amazing.
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I got to sit in one of these at PAX a year and a half ago. Went with a buddy who was working the floor, and got to go in early. They're like, "Go ahead! Get in!"

I'm all, "You want me to sit in the million dollar rental car?"

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Monks *Chanting Grgoriously*

Dog monk "Awooooooooo!"

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panth753 It's actually a common problem with people who are very intelligent or skilled in certain topics. They tend to assume they're correct in other fields at well, because they're used to being the smartest person in the room.
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Just like Jesus woulda' done!
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Oh President Toolbox... Of course you would have. You're a big boy.

There there...
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Chevy drives a Mercedes?

That sounds like the title of some sleazy website's sentient car smut erotica. Right between 'Ramming the Dodge' and the popular vehicular insemination story called 'The Challenger Explosion.'

I hope those aren't real, but I'm afraid to Google it.
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oobaka I'm not sure that's true any more. My store has just started carrying them in recent months.