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layla_wilson The problem with public outrage is that it's only the outraged that are heard. I'm sure plenty of trans people had no problem with it, but people that have no problem with something don't go out making statements and going viral. Only the angry get heard. "Hey, that's a bit much." will never trend on Twitter.

If she took the job, the script must have been good. It's too bad. Having her in the role could have brought a lot of attention to the narrative.
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Gerry1of1 Yeah, but...

I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face...

I should have changed that stupid lock. I should have made you leave your key.

No, like... Seriously. If I wake up with you spooning me again I'm calling the police.
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What a load of crap. Reminds me of a joke I came up with in college, 20 years ago or so...

You know why there are no clear pictures of a UFO?

They always come out looking like airplanes.
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daegog You know what? I'ma find out. Soon as I can. I've been seeing him and his wife a lot less since this ordeal started for them, but I'm totally going to find out.

The good news (If you can call it that) is that we live in western Washington. If there was ever a place to get cancer, this is it. He's getting the best treatment by the best doctors at Swedish... Treatment that people fly here from all over the world to get.

But no one deserves this. Especially not a child.
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God, I was way too emotional for this today.

One of my regular customers that I've become friends with over the years found out his young son has leukemia a couple months back. I saw him today with his 11 year old daughter, and was asking him for news. He was clearly choked up already, and told me that they were going in for her last check up to prep her for donating bone marrow.

And she just stood up, proud as can be, arms high above her head and both thumbs up. All she said was...


Today a little girl was my hero.
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Love Mitchell and Webb. David Mitchell reads a chapter from his book somewhere about his now wife that is both heartwarming and self loathing in a way that only the Brits can manage.
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The vultures start swirling before the body has even stopped moving.
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Comparing the Beatles to Bieber is so unfair that it's downright dishonest. Hell, trying to catagorize good and bad with a machine analysis and statistics is flawed right out of the gate. Music is primal. It's emotional. Saying a song is bad because it's simple is just plain stupid.

By his definition Mr. Tambourine Man would be bad music. It's just a guy and a guitar after all.
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This is a woman who only hires people if her psychic says they have a trustworthy face. She's a loon.
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punko The man is in space, explaining properties of physics that most people will never see... Much less understand.

And you're correcting his grammar? If he wants to say it as knittin', the way countless other people do, then so be it. Language is fluid, and sometimes frustrating, but lets stick to being annoyed by the mistakes that are contradictory, not the ones that are cannon.
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The only 'evidence' of it has been debunked. The photos are proven faked. The entire lake has been sonar scanned and come up with nothing multiple times.

There are still undiscovered beasts and monsters in the ocean, and we can actually find them if we try. The Coelacanth was extinct... Right up until we found them still alive. Imagine how amazing it would be if we found more like them. Imagine finding a trilobite. Imagine finding a serpent like an oarfish at the bottom of the Mariana's trench. Imagine finding a shark bigger than the 6-gill, prowling the depths we skip to get to the bottom.

Giant squid, elbow squid, just so many damned cool squid man!

Stop wasting time on this damned loch. Stop wasting time looking in a body of water that can't hide a monster. Look where monsters would be.

Here there be dragons... We just aren't looking in the right places.
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"Where is the sign that says 55 miles per hour?" She asks...

Not even relevant. You know where the sign that says 70 MPH is? Not fucking anywhere in Virginia, that's where. Max speed limit is 55 there.

South Carolina has a 70 limit on the interstate, but she ain't in SC and she ain't on no freeway. That's a two lane highway at best. Lying liar broke the law and then lied about it.
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You can't build permanent infrastructure on an imperminent volcanic island and not expect to have to rebuild once in a while. That's basic Sim City, people... You can't turn off natural disasters and alien attacks in real life.
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Bryan Singer is a pedo, though. The man should be in jail, not making bio-pics.
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Damn. This is better than the original movies. Deeper plot, more realistic pain, not from the 80's...

I'm happy that this exists.
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I'm sure they keep them well fed to try and mitigate incidents, but just getting out of the car and dangling your babies in front of them is the most butt puckering thing I've seen in a while. That could have gone so badly.
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Being 104 should excuse anything.

"If it please the court... Why did you kill all those people?"

"I'm 104. How didn't you stop me?"
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Don't really like or dislike the show, but it's not made for me. 

Congrats to them on their success though. Whatever it is they've got that so many people like, they nailed it.
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At least nothing of value was lost.
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someguy01 Glover isn't from Chicago. He's from Cali and New York. Telling him what his experience is as a black man in America based on your experience comes off as arrogant. He's not you, and he's not where you live.

And at what point is this video NOT turning the mirror on itself, as no white people were shown being violent, or even really present in the video other than running by in the background? No mention of white people is even in the lyrics. That's your bias coloring what you just watched, and what does this video show?

It's him... A black man, terrifying and intimidating and murdering other black people.

How the actual fuck did you miss that? Even if that's not the point he's trying to make, it completely invalidates your entire rant. And the stupidest thing about that is... This video actually seems to agree with you on some level. You're so caught up in the narrative you wanted to push that you don't even realize that. You proxied 'black man kills black people' into a prejudice against whites.

You did that. That's on you.

Or did you not watch the video at all, and just start typing?
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emmettyville I love you right now.
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I live in Western Washington state (I feel like I've written that phrase a lot of times), in a place with super high property tax based on the value of the homes. Me? I'm broke as fuck. I work in the service industry in a Mom-and-Pop that's 40 years old.

I tell people we just hire a few things about who to profile... Black people? No. They're mostly working for Boeing. Their kids understand what it's like to be profiled and stopped and questioned. They behave.

Watch the rich white kids. They've gotten away with everything their entire lives. They're the most likely to be little shits who steal and lie and make your life hell. Afluenza? Bullshit. They're little assholes who need to get beat, and they get so fucking pissed when I kick them out for acting dicks. But we're not corporate. They call my boss and whine about me, and she tells them to fucking suck it. 

Employee of the month, bitch.

Needs more curse words. Hell, damn, farts!
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Flight of the Concords fans? Anyone?
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I'll bet he won't even be with a woman that doesn't go down on him, though.

I wonder what it's like to never have a woman truly love you. Good thing he has money.
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daegog "My genes are so great, that they grew bone spurs when my life was threatened to protect me from serving. Then when the war was over my genes ungrew them again. Very amazing. Spectacular genes."