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daegog Vegas was a shooting that really fucked up a lot of arguments for and against. He was successful, wealthy, and no one suspected a thing. Even with tighter laws, he still would have gotten guns. Without tighter laws, this already happened and the victims couldn't have defended themselves if they were armed.

Hard to gain any traction on either side with that one.

They go on and on about the second amendment... As if a bunch of people having AR-15s is going to rise up against a government that has fucking drone strikes. The second amendment doesn't mean shit anymore. Anyone that starts a serious rebellion in this century has already lost.

Do away with it. Force discussion. Find solutions, even imperfect ones. Guns aren't going anywhere, but we have to address the unhealthy relationship Americans have with them.
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kalron27 There are already people sending death threats to the Vegas shooting victims saying it was faked or staged. It just boggles my mind. The conspiracy itself is 1000 times harder to explain that just some guy shooting out of a hotel, but they cannot accept that it happened.
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I like Eastwood's movies. Gran Torino was a masterpiece, and as a movie this is probably going to be a good one too.

But can we all agree that most 'based on a true story' movies are at least 80% fictional bullshit?
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layla_wilson This sort of thing is often the case with trans people, but I don't think it's the only case.

I get so sick of hearing anti-gay people saying that being gay is a choice, like that's a valid argument against it. It can be a choice, and it's a choice they get to make for themselves without it being invalidated by people who don't seem to believe in freedom in a free country.

Some men just like other men. Get over it.

I mean, not you personally Layla, I just see that argument a lot and it annoys me.
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"It's because they listened to the people that have influence over them." The panelist said, without a hint of irony.

Then the interviewer continued to be kind of a twat, but that's neither here nor there.
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Gerry1of1 Only if you view the US as the center of the world. He's made a lot of noise and pissed a lot of people off, but he himself has accomplished almost nothing due to his lack of ability and knowledge of how to actually be a president. He can't even fill his cabinet for more than a couple weeks without someone getting fired.

The other branches are making headway in spite of him, not because of him. If anything they might have been more successful without him in office.
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layla_wilson Agreed. He's been as progressive as he is brutal and terrifying.

He could go either way.
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Some of the harassment claims of recent weeks should have been little more than a benchmark. A lesson that this shit isn't going to fly anymore, and everyone needs to get on board.

But some are truly awful. A group of teenagers all living in a mansion to film some bullshit web-based TV show no one has ever heard of, where the producer invites grown men to party with them. Where they have rules against clothes in the hot tub. Where the drinks are spiked, and the kids wake up with men like Singer on top of them.

Singer helped fund that operation. He raped underage boys. He should be in prison, not fired from projects. Not worried about his career. Fucking prison. Where he belongs.
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briandarf You sound like a nice guy...

Go to hell.

I'm so tired of this shit. Get off the internet and live a real life. Meet real people. Face real problems that require nuance and intuition to judge the character of other human beings. Then, you know what? Still go to hell. The sort of person who says the sort of thing you just said still needs to be taken to task for it.

Learn from your mistakes, because this comment was one.
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fancylad I get that not everything appeals to everyone, and if it doesn't then it wasn't made for you. I'm cool with that.

I loved Venture Brothers, especially the way episodes seemed to start already in progress, and finish before being completely resolved. All action, no filler.

I love Metalocalypse. As an old metal head, it was always to me a show about what the world would be like if the world took metal bands as seriously as they took themselves. Plus the skill and precision of Brendon Smalls as an actual musician, crafting music far above and beyond what would have been necessary to sell the show every week.

Rick and Morty doesn't hit on anything that appeals to me personally. Nor does Spongebob, MLP, or any number of other shows that massive adult fan bases have latched on to. I don't get it.

Guess it wasn't for me.
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I will never understand the appeal of this show.

But whatever.
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I had a cat once. Got her when I was 10. She died when I was 30. She was there when we were homeless. She was there when I was so sick I couldn't stand. I still sleep with my legs to the left side of the bed, because she slept on the right... Even a decade later.

I loved that cat.

This video hurt to watch.
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DuckBoy87 Oh, just because I'm a worm I have to specialize in worm related science?

That's annelidist.
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Fun fact : Jumping spiders have binocular vision from their main two eyes. There is a conical bit behind the eye that ends in the retina, which can be moved around to focus both eyes at the same spot. If you're looking at one, and both eyes turn solid black it means it's looking directly at your face because you are seeing the retina at the back.

The more you know!

You can actually see the effect here...
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casaledana I'm 3 years older than Don Jr, but damn... Tough crowd. I just thought it was an amusing dream.

Also, Don and Erik were actually played by the guys that do them on SNL, which was doubly strange.
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Getting ready for work, but I had a dream tonight that world war 3 had started and I was on a reality show hosted by Trump called 'The Draft.' Both his sons were contestants. I can't remember dialogue or anything, but they both ended up wearing pageant style sashes that say 'Dodged!' on them, and me and a bunch of poor people get sent off to boot camp.

Now, odd as it all sounds... Why does it almost seem plausible?
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I find it amazing how over the course of my lifetime conspiracy theorists have gone from defending their theories with 'Pictures like this can't be faked!' to attacking the science with 'The pictures are all fake!'

What goes around comes around, I guess. Like some spherical shaped thing...
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I resent the Imperial Empire's logo being used to represent ISPs. One is a despotic organization devoted to controlling the masses for their own purposes...

And the other is the Empire.
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squrlz4ever They're fun in certain situations. In a comfortable habitat, well cared for so you can see them without too much risk. But does anyone really want to put diapers on another living thing for 40+ years?

No. The answer is no.
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Still waiting for Bryan Singer to get his. The man has been outed as a pedo for years. His days are numbered.

It makes me sick to think he's had so much to do with the success of the X-Men movies. Some people use that as justification for his actions somehow, but to me it just stains them. Here's a thing I love, presented to me by a villain who has forced himself on drugged up underage boys.
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squrlz4ever You do not want a monkey.

I used to work at a store where I had to care for monkeys. It's like having a two year old that can leap across a room and masturbates constantly. They jack it with the same intensity that the one in the video hits those buttons, angry and trying to make eye contact the whole time.

So yeah, I spent a summer cleaning up monkey shit and spooge while the boss paraded around trying to sell them to people who had no idea what they were getting into.

They are not pets. They're barely wild animals. They're another species of intelligent being, and they get tired of your shit just as fast as you get tired of theirs.
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Hell, we don't even like seeing balls on dogs anymore. The only ones that still have them belong to dog pimps... Er, I mean breeders.

Well, there and more redneck parts of the world where everyone is dirty and incest is rampant... Again I mean the dogs.

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"The greatest man I know."

Not trying to play for sympathy, but I know I'm not the only one out there who envies a man that can say this about their father. Beautiful.
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The problem with most bad guys is that they view themselves as the hero.
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Heartbreaking. Those kids have been through more shit than we'll ever have to.