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p4nd4z wrote: OMG!
p4nd4z wrote: yea, it`s bubble tea. Originally there`s no hole on the top. You have to poke your own straw in. Kind of like Capri Sun.
p4nd4z wrote: Oh god, the Auron one is just too good *_*
p4nd4z wrote: D:
p4nd4z wrote: crazy.ass.bitch.
p4nd4z wrote: oooooooooo do you want some ice with that burrrn?
p4nd4z wrote: I could have sworn those were called Chinese yo-yos...
p4nd4z wrote: why does Christina Christenson look more like a Christian Christenson?
p4nd4z wrote: "Hmmmm, yup, I`d tap that."
p4nd4z wrote: Hey, I don`t think it was a continuous take. There was one mistake that I saw where the camera goes from Natasha Khan to the two ghosts holding balloons then focuses back on Natasha. She`s on a different street! There was no light post and no white triangle on the road!

But I liked the video anyways.

p4nd4z wrote: i`m glad i saw that :D
p4nd4z wrote: sorry honey, I love you and everything but I`m just too hungry.
p4nd4z wrote: and then they went off to brokeback mountain...
p4nd4z wrote: i`m like the only asian in a all black school and i can tell you that it isn`t really fair. If they make some sort of racial slur towards me everyone else just laughs. But if i said something offensive they would all gang up on me and call me ignorant.

I think what michael did was over the top, but how the guy reacted was equally inappropriate.

p4nd4z wrote: hahahaha, i love how that guy started roaring out of nowhere!
p4nd4z wrote: ass rapage
p4nd4z wrote: slug homoerotica *shudders*
p4nd4z wrote: one, that woman`s vagina got pinched. two, that man had sexy ass legs
p4nd4z wrote: die jenga, die!!! die by the mighty power of my rubber band gun!


p4nd4z wrote: ehhh.......
p4nd4z wrote: did anyone else notice that the director was clay aiken!


p4nd4z wrote: "f*cked up my office!"

what the hell? it`s just some balloons! He needs to loosen up!

p4nd4z wrote: i dont trust this...
p4nd4z wrote:
p4nd4z wrote: hahaha, but i don`t think i would like immigration dude :(