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mobrule wrote:
you know i had to google this guys name......
mobrule wrote: smack that all on the floor
mobrule wrote: they move the middle of the sreet 3 miles from your house....where all your stuff falls into the middle of the street n gets mowed down
mobrule wrote: never pass out at a party! this pic looks like it was taken on the set of a game show...
mobrule wrote: you gotta name the links!!
mobrule wrote: not very good assistance if you ask me...
mobrule wrote: Link: The Anatomy of a Hangover [Graph/Diagram] [Rate Link] - That`s a lot of hell your body goes through just to get a good buzz.
mobrule wrote: wtf
mobrule wrote: that game fu*kin su*ked
wtf im pissed now
mobrule wrote: -- whats up with the brainwashing voice in the backround alittle before 2:53 ? ?
mobrule wrote: I dont feel like reading everyones messages so i dunno if its been said yet but: CHICKS A MILF!
mobrule wrote: this b!tch is running around throwing punches with her left arm.
no wonser she falls.
mobrule wrote: "That was just kind of ricockulous."

hahaha i agree!

mobrule wrote: the girl is hot but hers sucked

the 2 dudes tricks took some skills

the measurement one was best

mobrule wrote: im pretty sure this is just a windows theme from the 90`s computer game redneck rampage.

i loved that game. shooting pigs and cows and rednecks was fun.

i still have that game somewhere....gotta look

mobrule wrote: that womens voice kept me thinking of david firths cartoon salad fingers the whole damn time. "i like rusty spoons"

salad fingers

mobrule wrote: that was horrible
mobrule wrote: fu*kn idiots brought their guitars but no guns?
mobrule wrote: i am


You`re pretty much of a douche bag, but it`s tempered by the fact that you haven`t got a damn clue. You`ll laugh at this lipstick shaped like a penis, sexy board game, risqué ornament, or clever licorice thong and it will never cross your mind that Santa chose it especially to demonstrate his holiday contempt.

mobrule wrote: at the very that a dent in the grass
it looks about the size of someones head
mobrule wrote: someone wshoulda fu*king smacked that crying little bit*h

mobrule wrote: take that off
mobrule wrote:
yea he seems happy and upbeat!

hes that way because of all the f*cking drugs he has to take for that giant f*cking hole in his face

mobrule wrote: nice...
mobrule wrote: that was great