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I recall when he was so exercised about the size of his 'hands'; I really wanted to see his Long Form Girth Certificate.

On a related note, somebody called Stormy has remarked on his lack of expertise between the sheets: as my Nigerian friends would say  "he no savvy bed palaver"...!!!
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5cats Well, I've been spending Christmas (hence my delay in responding)in a muslim country which includes jews and christians. Like a couple of years ago when I spent two weeks in Iran where women walked the streets without male escorts and no toe to toe covering, despite your ill informed comments. (Hint: Saudi Arabia is NOT Iran)

Given recent events in Iran, looking forward to your viewpoint...

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5cats God, I love these responses. So much cherry picking of the points to address and divert.

BH aren't funding themselves through crime. There aren't that many people to rob in that part of the world.

Credentialism (is that even a word?) My father, a doctor, worked in the North most of the forties and all of the fifties so I spent childhood in the colonial North.

In 1967 I returned to independent Nigeria to work in the North for a trading company. Worked as a sales manager in a company head quartered in Kano with branches in Sokoto, Gusau, Katsina and Maiduguri and visited all on a number of occasions.

Then worked in the Nigerian Mid West for a local firm finally leaving Nigeria finally in 1975. Still worked in Ghana in 1976 and have vacationed in Freetown, Mali, Tunisia and Libya and shortly heading off to Morocco for Christmas.

Also travelled round Turkey twice, Lebanon once, flying home from Damascus and finally spent a recent Christmas fortnight travelling round Iran.

Those are my credentials. Yours?
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5cats Boko Haram isn't fighting a civil war. It's a bandit organisation.

You have at least of two centuries of Northern Nigerian history to catch up on before you can make any educated comment on that part of the world. BH tactics aren't much different to those of the KKK, except in scale.

Meanwhile, fewer Europeans have been killed by ANY terrorist action in the last 50 years than Americans killed by Americans in 2017.

Fewer Americans have been killed by Islamist-inspired terrorism in USA this century than Americans killed by Americans in 2017.


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5cats http://www.datagraver.com/case/people-killed-by-terrorism-per-year-in-western-europe-1970-2015

By restricting the dates to this century you're not really giving a full picture.

In the second chart you will notice the inclusion of the IRA; weaponised by Gaddafi but getting their political and financial support from the States. White Irish Christians killing Irish, British, Australian and Dutch citizens not to mention the 'disappeared' from their own NI communities, tortured and murdered. 

Muslims have no monopoly on terrorism.

I'd also be careful thinking that Boko Haram is nothing more than an Islamist offshoot. In Northern Nigeria there is a long history, going back centuries,  of caliphates, where radical ideas and strange sects were not uncommon. British rule temporarily pacified the region from about 1900 but since the Civil War in 1967-1970 local social injustices, political instability and local rivalries have played a considerable part in destabilising the Bornu region.

In many ways Boko Haram is about as Muslim as the Lords Resistance Army in Uganda was Christian.
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Not to worry, guys, still a free country, right? 
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holygod Not ALL America is a global laughing stock; just the MAGA clown circus. 
And Trump of course, but on the bright side there's going to be one HELL of a TV series come out of this sometime. And it's one of us going to write it!
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bliznik In a small area of London - NOT the UK -  a particular weapon is being utilised. (Because it's difficult to get guns so nobody dies)

It's not going to stop me or any other Londoners going about our business.

You are implying that it's a national issue. It's not.
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5cats OK. What % of the population is Muslim, and what % of the acid throwers are?

And what exactly is your point? No, don't answer; we get it.

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New weapon? At least it's not Las Vegas or Sandy Hook or ... fill in any US massacre in the last (how many years you want to chose).

Please provide your evidence that the entire UK populace is affected.

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elgabalo I drive a car and sometimes walk. I might be convinced.

But if it was against people walking-while looking at-smart phone, I'm in!
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5cats Don't start this anti-muslim bullshit again. I live here in London and this is a bunch of minor criminals who have discovered a type of assault that is difficult to police. 

Every major city has some version of this. 

I'll guarantee that whenever these sort of criminals are identified as anything else than muslim your silence will be deafening.
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I've said it before; check out the entries on UK and USA. We might be the generations that observed the death of democracy. And we VOTED for it!

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fancylad I had the good fortune to spend best part of a fortnight in Yellowstone and the Tetons a few years back. For all the potential loss to the American visitors the people I feel most for are the Park Rangers.

The definition of Dedication.
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Fewer visitors, fewer people to complain about upcoming commercial exploitation?

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FYI. Not exactly a new issue.

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johncourage Yup. What are the similarities between Clinton and the four I mentioned?
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johncourage I'm not defending anyone; just pointing out the similarities in certain cases. If you want to list all the incidents where Clinton's behaviour paralleled those of the four I mentioned, be my guest.

You seem to be suggesting that because A did it we shouldn't critisize B for doing the same thing. If I've misunderstood your point I apologise.
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Shelworth Well, I could have included JFK as well and there is no question that both he and Clinton were randy sods. Clinton was accused of rape, but so was Trump, and so far nothing proved in either case. We can but speculate.

I compared the four in particular because of the similarities. I'm guessing that JFK and Clinton were generally rather more attractive to the opposite sex, hence the lack of a comparable number of complaints.  

Perhaps a woman might weigh in with a female perspective?
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I'm intrigued by the similarities between Weinstein's activities and those reported about O'Reilly, Ailes and Trump. I thought Trump gave away an important truth about himself in that recording on the bus when he "moved on her like a bitch" and she knocked him back. I think these four got rejected a lot! 

I used to know a couple of guys who could score like bandits, it seemed that almost every woman they met was up for it. But they were men who liked women and, as importantly, were men who women liked. (Both ended up married with kids)

Now there is always going to be some activity around the flies of men who are (seem?) rich and powerful. But with these four I'm betting that most of the women they 'propositioned' were some combination of horrified, disgusted and repulsed. 

Got to wonder how it affects someone who sees himself as irresistible when all the action he gets he has to pay for.
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barry9a You raise a point in the first paragraph that I hadn't considered.

Have you any links that I can start with to follow this up?
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Sad as this is, I'm watching and listening to all the commentary that always accompanies this sort of event in the USA. A proponent of gun rights (?) in the US was interviewed on the BBC claiming that Australian and British governments 'confiscated' guns following similar events in those countries. Actually, the governments concerned responded to public anger hence the gun bans there. We want to be safe.

In Europe it's SNAFU, in the States it's FUBAR.

Ain't nothing going to change.
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Man really knows how to hold a grudge with the NFL! How long's it been now?