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I was inoculated against smallpox at the age of three and reinoculated so regularly that I was still protected when the disease was finally eradicated.

BUT there are still problems with the remaining vaccines in storage:-

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Ah, sweet memories of the Sixties in London!!! 

from Wikipedia...
'This original lineup (centred around Stanshall, Slater, Wilkes, Brown, Parkinson, Jennings, saxophonist Claude Abbo and Drummer Tom Hedge) soon imploded, however, after flatmates Stanshall, Slater and Parkinson had seriously overspent their Autumn Term's grant money on good food, clothing and musical instruments, were unceremoniously evicted in December by their landlord for non payment of rent and thanks to Stanshall failed attempt at making scrumpy in the bath, damage to property.' 
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Few years ago; first night in Tehran another guy in the group and I decided to go out and find a restaurant local to our hotel.
Two hour laters, defeated by the pizza/pasta options, back to the hotel.
There's great food available all over the world, but try finding it in the tourist areas!
Fucking everywhere in the WORLD, Swear to [email protected]%$&*%)*&%$****
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Strictly speaking, not the 'British", but the English. Britain and British not really a thing until the Act of Union 1707.

Plus the flag depicted on the ship is the Union flag, while the closest contemporary model would just combine the flags of England and Scotland in the 17th century.

I also doubt that flag would have been flown from a mast. It's called the Union Jack because it was originally flown from the jack staff at the front of the vessel.

Not being picky, but 'true history' should be true. 

Open to correction, though.
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squrlz4ever Among ourselves we'd say Big Ben but few of us would miss the opportunity to make oobaka's point to a grockle! 
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New technology = sudden death (eventually)

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Ummm, not American but I don't see any mention of lock down, 911 call, etc. when a fire arm was discharged in a school. Is that SOP?

And if other teachers were also to be armed, what would be their likely response in a similar situation?
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thezigrat Yeah, why I had to go back to trousers.

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squrlz4ever I get mine from the Scots Malt Whisky Society, link to the New York branch below. Cask strength, so a little goes a long way.

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(adjusts kilt)
A man may drink, and no be drunk;
A man may fight and no be slain;
A man may kiss a bonnie lass,
And aye be welcome back again.
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Best way to stop a bad guy with a post is to have a riposte from a good guy with a post.

Best wishes, hope it's just Au Revoir...
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Never laugh at Americans again?


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5cats This is a post about school shootings in the USA.

But Obama..but her e-mails..

Twat..that's you that is.
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muert Brilliant! Thanks,
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kalron27 You, me and the civilised world. 

Hang in there, mate..the good guys always win (WWII took 6 years!)

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should feel lucky to live in a country that being a citizen grants you that right.

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5cats Is that the McCain who was captured and tortured? Unlike Cadet Bone Spurs?

Mate, when you're in a hole, stop digging.