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megrendel wrote:
skypirate I see the CNN & MSNBC's initial reports after a Democrat Candidate is selected.

megrendel wrote:
skeeter01 done two truly good things in the 518 days 

I can think of a few more:
  • $5.5 billion tax reform bill 
  • Repealing the Obamacare mandate
  • Got us out of the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • Veterans Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act
  • Release of prisoners and summit with Kim Jong Un
  • Promoting Women In Entrepreneurship Act
  • Reduced cost of F-35 program
  • DOJ targeting MS-13
  • The Keystone Pipeline
  • Reduced White House payroll
  • Donating Presidential Salary
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semichisam01  That's what Donald tweeted. 

Wouldn't now, I'm not a twit... (aka: I don't do twitter.)
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semichisam01 If any message I get from it she was lambasting the media.

At this moment, any member of the Trump family could save a child from an attacking bulldog and the media's headlines would be 'Trump kills beloved family pet.'
megrendel wrote:
So, they're picking apart what she wore BEFORE and AFTER the visit, but that she did not wear DURING the visit?

DAMN that Bitch!  She probably had a Western Omelet for breakfast the morning before she left.  That's EXACTLY LIKE eating it in front of a group of starving children.
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rumham try a blunt

Thank you, no. Not my style.
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LordJim I'm in favour of employment drug testing but we should start with politicians. 

Works for me. 
megrendel wrote:
Won’t change employement drug testing. 
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pirhomaniak Typical lazy response.

What could be more typical and more lazy than making the U.S. the cause of some madman's tyranny, homicidal tendencies, racism and intolerance.  

Kinda like the left's theory that the Right is violent because liberals become violent whenever the Right says anything.
megrendel wrote:
pirhomaniak “Wikipedia is the first place I go when I'm looking for knowledge... or when I want to create some.” 
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Che Guevara, who destroyed Cuba's economy, banner of books and music, black hater, murderer of homosexuals, mass killer, tyrant and the iconic emblem of ignorant idealists. 

And, lest we forget, anti-capitalist....who now has his image sold on thousands of t-shirts annually. 

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daegog The kids are put in the hands of Health and Human Services to safeguard in temporary shelters and then, if possible,  find family members with whom they can be placed.  (Under the previous administration this turned into a nightmare, as they were releasing kids to people who just 'claimed' to be related, and in the process lost track of many of them.)

While I'm sure these shelters are not a 5-star hotel, neither are they 'cages'. 
megrendel wrote:
daegog And that may be an option, but for now no such jail exist.

I have heard one piece of legislation is to create quarters where they will be held together, with the exception of those with criminal pasts (other than entering the country) or when the parent(s) are having their hearings.  Sounds like a compromise.
megrendel wrote:
7eggert That's what we did in Germany 

What's this 'We' kimosabe?

Any attempt at comparing this to Nazi Concentration Camps is a gross misrepresentation and belittles the actual circumstances of WWII.
megrendel wrote:
semichisam01 We can see that they have mats to sleep on

Yes, IN A PROCESSING FACILITY, before they are moved to more permanent facilities. Wonder why they are not showing those? Probably doesn’t fit their narrative of moral outrage.

@ You say that the kids are not being kept there, but you do not know that.

You mean, besides the reporter actually REPORTING that they are not kept there and are transferred elsewhere?
megrendel wrote:
pirhomaniak give me the rationale that justifies treating poor, desperate, powerless people like animals.

Why would anyone need to rationalize something that is not actually happening?  The above video is of a processing center. The kids are transferred to other accommodations more suited to care for them.
megrendel wrote:
semichisam01 They are not being treated inhumanely.  They are given beds to sleep in, food and medical care.  They are are not being kept in cages, contrary to how it is being portrayed.  And separating children from criminal family is not inhuman. It happens every day to citizens of this country when your the kid of a criminal.

And yes, it is a change in policy. The change in policy is actually to enforce the laws that were in place prior to the current administration.  Don’t like it, change the law.

And enforcing the law is being used as a deterrent. I got no problems with that. 
megrendel wrote:
A few points:
  1. This is obviously a processing center. The kids are not held there.
  2. The provocative thumbnail image is from the previous administration.
  3. If I were to break the law, I would be arrested, thus ‘separated’ from my children.

You want to keep the kids with their family? That means either Family Jail or returning them, as a family, to their point of origin.
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I despise protests like this.  Why ruin everyone's night.

But, to be fair, it's a tactic employed much more often in the name of 'social justice', so there is a bit of sweet irony here. 
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I Live ~100 Yards from and ~3 feet above, the Gulf of Mexico. 

I ain't worried.

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Gerry1of1 And if the whales didn't keep jacking off in the ocean it wouldn't be as salty....
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LordJim But, what if 'what you believe to be the right thing' is not the right thing. What if you believe the 'right thing' is to free hookers from their sin by sacrificing them on the alter of the great Chinnamasta?
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Gerry1of1 Loved that movie.  Julie Warner was excellent (and hot).  And Donald Sutherland can make or break a movie.  It was very well done.
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oobaka I actually recognized it. Phantom of Paradise, for all being a B-movie, is probably Paul Williams best work.
megrendel wrote:
Gerry1of1 Heinlein fan here, too.  True, Starship Troopers was nothing like the book, but I considered watchable because it was more ‘based’ on the book than a movie adaptation. 

Same story with I, Robot.  Enjoyed the movie, but anyone who reads Asimov knows that Dr. Susan Calvin was not a babe.  About the only thing ‘Asimov’ about the movie is that they mention the Three Laws and allude vaguely to the short Little Lost Robot.