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rammo34 Well. You know what they say...
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captkangaroo What we have to go by though is the evidence.  Sure he could have gone through laser treatment but you're speculating.

Maybe he decided to get circumcised as an adult because it reduced his chances of contracting a STD.  

Batman's Dominate hand is his Right. That is not subjective at all and neither is my claim about masterbation.

The nut thing isn't subjective at all.  You obviously don't suffer from the affliction.
lockner01 wrote:
I wasn't surprised by the full frontal issue.  

The few things that surprised me were:

- zero body hair -- He would have to spend hours a week waxing or shaving to have such a Brazilian body.  I think he has better things to do than do full body waxes that wouldn't offer any tactical advantage.

- He's circumcised -- I'm not jewish -- I'm not even Christian and I'm circumcised.  I have no reasoning behind this but I expected Bruce Wayne to not be cut. 

- Batman is handy with both hands but his right hand is his dominant hand.  -- his penis is hanging heavily to the right. This is an indication of heavy masturbation. Now this happened to me when I was a teenager and masterbated a lot.  After being in relationships, and now married, my penis hangs straight.  So while Batman is in the Batcave is he just jerking off?

- also he has one nut a lot lower than the other -- I suffer from the same affliction.  Even though I wear athletic underwear I still have to find a corner a few times a day to "fix the boys".  I don't really see Batman shifting his nuts.  Although this is probably taken care of with his Batsuit. I just feel for the guy about Low Testicle Syndrome.
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holygod The first thing I thought of when I saw this was The Killing Joke.  I think it's too early to tell what the end product will be. And I agree that studios aren't just putting random "Comic Book" movies. I'm curious if Batman will be in this somehow -- or perhaps Thomas Wayne.
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DuckBoy87 I'm wondering the same thing. This is my last post in this thread but I am curious what the response will be.
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monkwarrior How is this desperate dishonesty?  I cut and pasted comments you have made regarding movies trailers from the past year. Are you denying you made these comments?
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monkwarrior "As a side note, do you notice how they stopped once they were called out, but continued after you aimed your suggestion at me, just for the sake of continuing (dishonestly as well)? Just something to consider."

I stopped during our last interaction because I said "I was going to make one and final comment". I held true to that comment.

If you don't want people to interact with you or reply to your posts then why do you comment at all? It's a serious question. I know you have "the right" to comment and sometimes those comments don't get replies. Don't I have "the right" to hit that reply button if I have something to say about your comment -- that isn't trolling?

Here are a couple of your posts that support my comment:

Black Panther:

monkwarrior 11 months ago
i gave up on marvel movies a while ago, they're too lame, and cookie-cutter shaped these days.

Avengers: Infinity War:

monkwarrior 9 months ago
Marvel? meh, chances are 9-1 it will be just another paint by the numbers movie, lots of booms, lots of cgi, lame dialogue, and when you're done, completely forgettable and empty.  And the trailer is confirming everything.


monkwarrior 5 months ago
Looks like


Guardians of the Galaxy:

monkwarrior 1 year ago
I don't need to watch it to know it's CGI heavy, and another stupid movie with little story. The chance of Hollywood succeeding these days is very slim, like 5-10%.

I could go on but I think this is a good selection.

So how is my original reply not valid? And how is it trolling?
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DuckBoy87 Thanks DuckBoy. It was a sincere comment.
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kalron I predict that one or some of the Avengers turn out ot be Skrulls in Avengers 4 picking up on The Secret Invasion storyline.
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monkwarrior Why not just stop watching the trailers?  You have the same thing to say about almost every movie trailer that gets posted.  You have the same thing to say about every Marvel movie.  
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Pretty sure this will pass the Bechdel test.  I can't wait it looks great.
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I know a few guys that under no circumstance are gay, never have been, never will be. They just enjoy having sex with other men.
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kalron I normally don't take photo's of food but since it's harvest season I may post some on the next Friday forum.
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squrlz4ever it was amazing
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Tonight we had

-freshly made pappardelle

-our own chicken -- smoked with maple wood
-a cream sauce with fresh garlic from the garden thickened with parmesan cheese
-top with Chanterelle mushrooms -- foraged yesterday from the forest -- lightly sauteed in butter.

and a side of freshly picked Arugula salad just for some greens.
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monkwarrior As you've already been given a warning by a Mod and you're starting the derp vortex I will give only one more comment in this thread. By claiming to be a victim, when you are not a victim, undermines people that are actual victims. I find it disgusting  -- it's the move of a coward. I know you well enough to know that you are full of shit.
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monkwarrior This had nothing to do with the links you posted -- which I wouldn't click on. It had to do with this comment:

 " I was waiting all week to post some interesting links for 9/11 recently, which just so happened during  time when I-A-B wanted silence which is awesome!  "

Do you seriously think that people believe that you think it's awesome that members here were calling on a period of silence on 9/11 posts?  You've had a history of demanding your "truth" of 9/11 be told -- yes demanding.  So it is that sentence to which I say you are full of shit. You're claim of being "unsafe" is bullshit as well. You are claiming to be a victim because you can't provide a counter argument.
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squrlz4ever As you are a squrlz; I am a lover of goats. 
lockner01 wrote:
monkwarrior Are you actually claiming to be a victim?

If you are, this is a really serious claim. If it's not you're belitteling the claims actual victims have made.

Please post some evidence that I have made IAB an Un-Safe environment.  
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Gerry1of1 The cream of the crop.
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monkwarrior I've offered you an "olive branch" many times.

Since this is an open forum let me ask you some questions:

1) How am I harassing you?
2)How am I trolling you?
3)How am I making you feel "un-safe"
4) please define what you mean by "un-safe"
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Gerry1of1 I used to have buddies that would go into the parks and brag about how many blowjobs they gave.
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monkwarrior Wow are you going to start #monkwarrior?  How can you claim you're unsafe? you try to use every card.  
lockner01 wrote:
Gerry1of1 is that different than blowing randos in a park?