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klkl wrote: wasted a good 45 seconds...
klkl wrote: Link: YOU LOSE! [Rate Link] - No doubt, the greatest 5 seconds of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
klkl wrote: hi, am i on the air? yes. F***
klkl wrote: LOL! ive seen her on tv, shes my favorite judge ever XD
klkl wrote: how do you mess up a jump that small?
klkl wrote: i like how they say thats its the first time 1 date has been so important...good thing there are probably hundreds of death-days predicted, and guess what? theyre ALL CRAP
klkl wrote: smooth
klkl wrote: its very subtle!
klkl wrote: thats pretty cool. i wish it was near me though..
klkl wrote: Link: Assassins Creed [Rate Link] - Rocco steps into the life of Altair. Will he be able to attempt assassination without attracting attention?
klkl wrote: wow.......it seems that the 3rd buffalo shouldnt be a PN, it should be a verb, then another proper noun and regular noun...:/
klkl wrote: how can they even be serious? whast do they want us to call it, dark hole? black hole is what it is, no light can escape from it. abcense of light = the color black. black hole = black -_-
klkl wrote: its real, i remember his ssbb rant
klkl wrote: lol, honestly, i was expecting him to grab a monitor and gtfo
klkl wrote: awesome. forever, this is awesome.
klkl wrote: random that that was posted here, but ok XD
klkl wrote: lol, that was interesting
klkl wrote: its kinda sad to see her trip, i feel bad for her. i mean, she IS on very public tv
klkl wrote: that was pretty gey
klkl wrote: that was a really crappy title, and yes, this deserves no attention
klkl wrote: interesting...eichenkatze, happens to me all the time -_-.
kinda almost looked halo ish
klkl wrote: hahahahahahaha, noob
klkl wrote: `he was caught making obcene gestures` why cant they ever just call it giving the finger?
anyway, what a retard
klkl wrote: old news, but i like everyone else, wonders wtf are they making a weird game like this for?
klkl wrote: that was awesome! my brother had scissor doors like those in the front of his car, then he sold it :(