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jayembee wrote: Link: How To Be A Hipster [Pic] [Rate Link] - Alternate title: Tell-tale signs to look for in a person in order to avoid them.
jayembee wrote: Link: Wake Up the Box [Rate Link] - Use the wood pieces that you`re given in each level to disturb the sleepy box. Can you wake up the box in all 20 levels?
jayembee wrote: Link: Chipmunk Filling Up Its Cheeks With Nuts [Rate Link] - A `Nuts` post that`s not disgusting? Amen! Also, it`s your Awww of the Day!
jayembee wrote: Link: The Subaru of Hazzard [Video] [Rate Link] - Footage of a Subaru riding off a ramp made out of snow and flying about 30 feet in the air. Worship the horn.
jayembee wrote: Link: Another Creepy Dude Makes Same Face in Every Pic [Rate Link] - At first, you think this is just some elaborate Photoshop prank, then you realize how creepy this guido kid is.
jayembee wrote: Link: Best Car Commercial You`ll Never See On TV [Rate Link] - Don`t you wish you could do this to all car snobs?
jayembee wrote: There`s a third option!
The Natural Look!

Seriously, if I can do a better job, she has no excuses.

jayembee wrote: #13: What the Heck?!?! I don`t think so. >_<

"such overgrowth is increasingly uncommon in today`s society and considered to be shameful"

jayembee wrote: LOL, me too Mercedes
jayembee wrote: that must`ve made an excellent piece for an acting resume.
jayembee wrote: he should get it pierced!!!
jayembee wrote: not taking the pill "for some reason"?!?!
is it a woman`s job to be on the pill or something? >_>
jayembee wrote: [img]http://drawing.feedbucket.com/generated/20061206/T43ZiPhBZY.jpg[/img]
Your friends and associates should generally find you a dependable and trustworthy person.
You are a thoughtful and cautious person. You like to think about your method, seeking to pursue your goal in the most effective way.
You are creative, mentally active and industrious.
You feel morose and are prone to lethargy.

Pretty Accurate

jayembee wrote: I agree it takes talent to do it, but it was too long.
jayembee wrote: better than I thought it would be.
jayembee wrote: pleasingly difficult
jayembee wrote: I hate quicktime
jayembee wrote: there was a better rendition of this posted a little while ago: [url=http://www.i-am-bored.com/bored_link.cfm?link_id=19636]Video[/url]
in my opinion anyway
jayembee wrote: 60% unfortunately I tended to think that skinny + large boobs = fake, and healthy sized = real :x
jayembee wrote: #11:[spoiler]cloud disappears in the top-right corner[/spoiler]
#12:[spoiler]gray shape appears in the top-left[/spoiler]
#13:[spoiler]rightmost woman gains a black choker necklace[/spoiler]
#14:[spoiler]a snote appears near the middle saying "hey"[/spoiler]
#15:[spoiler]second row, forth character from the left changes to a katakana `Ta`[/spoiler]
#16:[spoiler]woman wearing red in the very bottom to the right grows a double[/spoiler]
#17:[spoiler]an extra rung appears on the telephone pole to the top-right[/spoiler]
#18:[spoiler]man in the bottom right changes directions looking and gains a black hat[/spoiler]
#19:[spoiler]inside the leftmost large archway, the doorways grows shorter when an extra stone piece appears[/spoiler]
#20:[spoiler]an extra flying bird appears to the right of the tall blue building[/spoiler]
after that you`re on your own :-)
jayembee wrote: after knowing where to look, you may think yourself an idiot for not seeing the changes sooner.
#1: [spoiler]the double red car that appears beside the current one[/spoiler]
#2: [spoiler]the bush that `grows` up toward the right side[/spoiler]
#3: [spoiler]leftmost figure gets fat[/spoiler]
#4: [spoiler]something happens? beside right of the faded text on the building[/spoiler]
#5: [spoiler]man lying down in the middle disappears[/spoiler]
#6: [spoiler]text "696" disappears on rightmost van[/spoiler]
#7: [spoiler]mans sideburns grow longer[/spoiler]
#8: [spoiler]at the top left, the i on the circular sign changes to a v[/spoiler]
#9: [spoiler]extra brown tile appears on floor[/spoiler]
#10:[spoiler]extra divison appears on top-right window[/spoiler]
jayembee wrote: When we were younger and there wasn`t as much fencing around it like today we`d have tons of fun poking the ice at the top in the spring until it fell down. You can`t do it anymore, but if you`re lucky you can see it when the large build-ups of ice melt and start crashing down in huge chunks.
jayembee wrote: yeah I saw this on entertainment television about an hour ago, pretty sad.
jayembee wrote: Well, I can understand how some people might find fault, but I just thought it was great. To even come up with the idea and merge all the lyrics together like that was ingenius. I couldn`t have done it.
jayembee wrote: In Case anyone should want to know, the show is called `Just for Laughs: Gags`