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ethan3786 wrote: the one liers is what makes the show great (but not as good as the original);)
ethan3786 wrote: You shouldnt your in europe. Go watch your pusy football game and eat crumpets bitc#
ethan3786 wrote: Every year, the ncaa (natinal college athletic association) has a tournoment with 65 teams who all play different teams and whoever wins the most game wins the tournoment.The numbers you see next to them are called seeds(the lower the number the the better the team)show which teams were picked first for the tournoment.Any Questions???
ethan3786 wrote: its kind of sad when the announcer guy was raggiin tha $hit out of him.
ethan3786 wrote: does anyone have any idea when the next episode will come out?
ethan3786 wrote: hes good but ive seen people just as good as like to see him play yyz on real guitar
ethan3786 wrote: yes it was
ethan3786 wrote: hahahahha^^^^^^^^^
that awesome, my friend did acid and thought he was a glass of water so he stood still for hours so he wouldnt spill lol
ethan3786 wrote: with glasses, seth with glasses
ethan3786 wrote: Is it just me, or does seth mcwhatever look like the guy thats jerrys bestfriend off seighnfeld?
ethan3786 wrote: i dont think itll be that good.
ethan3786 wrote: un freakin believealbe
ethan3786 wrote: and i would suspend both of the teams and make it a loss for both of them
ethan3786 wrote: OK for al of those who dont watch sports. FIU,they suck but kick A$$ in fighting. There were more people kicked off of their team because they suck at football. Thats one bad thing about the NCAA is that they punish the bad teams because no one cares about them.


ethan3786 wrote: its not COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT, as someone above me said its a tribute song,the peppers are paying respect to not only tom petty,who is an amazing artist,but if you have seen the video he also elvis,beatles,sid vicious i think....,montley crue,and nirvana. all this is, is a tribute song not copyright infringement
ethan3786 wrote: 76ers are in the nba dumbass
ethan3786 wrote:

scientology is gay

ethan3786 wrote: tigers are goin to win it all
ethan3786 wrote: funny when he walks past the fat chick
ethan3786 wrote: that appeared on the tonight show with jay leno i believe
ethan3786 wrote: fragileeeeee must be italinan
ethan3786 wrote: retard youve never seen a spongebob cartoon
ethan3786 wrote: suck wasnt anything like the original
ethan3786 wrote: deangelo williams is better
look at these!