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Benchmade Knives.... knives don`t get any better than this.

Bite Me

The site is rather useless, but the splash page is quite funny.

Terms of Perspective

It has been said that `men are from Mars and women are from Venus`. I think the REAL problem is the dictionaries that each of the sexes uses. So, if you want to be on the ``same page`` as a member of the opposite sex ...


This has nothing to do with blowing up canines, it is just a site of random drawings.


Add-on to AOL Instant Messenger. It tracks all sorts of things and adds many other features to AIM


Homepage of Sewanee, University of the South... (the school I`m going to next fall!!!)


Homepage of one of the head engineers behind Google!


Can you find two words that when put together in a Google search produce one and only one result?


Guy vs. Girl, which is more common on the Web?? GoogleFight will let you know, along with any other things you want to have fight it out...