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daffydoll wrote: Oh sh*t. I can only hear up to 15000HZ.

I knew that all of those concerts, LOUD band practices, and constantly blasting my music would HAVE to diminish my hearing.

...but this is bad for someone going into music. I don`t want to lose my hearing so young!

daffydoll wrote: Ahahahaha! I saw a fraction of this on some special that had the funniest gameshow moments. I must say, this show has some of the best stupid answers I have ever seen!

Richard: Name a yellow fruit
Contestant: ...a-ahhh ORANGE

daffydoll wrote: Bwahahahaha! I just watched that maybe 10x in a row! :-D
daffydoll wrote: Yes... just another one of those, silly me.

Yes... it was intended as a joke. I`m fully aware of that, and I have a sense of humor.

This is not funny to me. Not only does it sterotype women, but also men ...the "macho" men who wants his women to be seen and not heard... another ridiculous thing.

These kinds of "jokes" get me riled up, and I can`t help it. After growing up in a religious society where men and women ACTUALLY were expected to have these roles, and these sorts of cracks were commonplace, reading stuff like this REALLY gets to me.

daffydoll wrote: 15. NOOO joint bank account ...and oh my, I wouldn`t think to move that fast.
16. Again, why would I DO that? If there was actual reason to be genuinely concerned about food choices, I`d TALK, not dispose of stuff!
17. If my guy would take the single friend over me in a snatch, I`d be GLAD to find something like this out pronto so that I could DUMP the assh*le.
18. What book circle? What kind of bullsh*t is this? ...and should he not be allowed to have any of HIS get-togethers either?
19. I wouldn`t just start going out with an ex if he wasn`t comfortable with that.
20. I honestly don`t mind a porn collection.
21. Haha, I`m sorry... it would just be too difficult to restrain myself.
22. I do not like to diet, but why not give up alcohol?
23. Um, yeah... I would not give up sex, or take up a new religion. No worries there.
24. Again, I would NOT do that without DISCUSSION.
25. I wouldn`t do that either... what`s wrong with a stupid crush on a celeb?
daffydoll wrote: 1. My cuddly toys?
2. That is obnoxious to do... I don`t do things like that anyways from pure COMMON SENSE.
3. I do not own tights... and what the hell?
4 & 5. TRUST ME, I do not want any mothers around!
6. I`d have to be stupid to do that... my diary remains private.
7. Do I EVER do that?! What the hell? ...I do not "sob inconsolably" when I get drunk.
8. Why would I do that? It`s his stuff. I wouldn`t like that if he did that to my stuff!
9. AAAGH, no, that`s terrifying!
10. F*ck that you f*cking assh*le. All up for sharing.
11. Do I throw up on things ever? ...and CERTAINLY not on purpose, but I turn away and escape to the nearest garbage or restroom!
12. Why in bloody hell not? I`m sorry, I want someone who I can MAKE CONVERSATION with.
13. Why the f*ck would I do that? I`m not THAT insecure!
14. I admit, my shoes do get left around wherever I take them off, but I do like to put them away eventually.
daffydoll wrote: Hehehe, I like how she made a story out of all of her photos as a model. Ohhh, the eighties, so wrong, yet so funny.
daffydoll wrote: Hehehehe, funny how I didn`t even really get grossed out... just kinda fascinated by how it ended up. Maybe I`d be grossed out if I smelled that... eeeurgh, I can only imagine!
daffydoll wrote: AAAAAGH! Of all things to look like! ...ahahaha, and he looks all proud to bear a resemblance to the damn thing!
daffydoll wrote: Sadly, I have seen 3 of these. Hated `em all. "Gigli" I had to see on HBO one night if only to see if it was as bad as people said ...and oh yes, it was. ...ditto for "From Justin to Kelly" hehehe.

...and Batman and Robin wasn`t SO bad.

There are worse.

daffydoll wrote: Wooo! I am a rock expert! (I can`t believe I just spent all this time, but `twas fun... I`m daily leader #26 ...phooey, not nearly an all time leader.)


daffydoll wrote: Ooh, right up my alley! Hehehehe, haven`t lost yet, well into the 300s now on expert rock. This is so much fun!
daffydoll wrote: Hahaha, I should totally log all of the stupid things I hear off the streets myself!
daffydoll wrote: Oh my lord, I described myself and got Pamela Anderson!
daffydoll wrote: Haha, my name on YT is tons better than my first name!

D.A.F.F.Y.D.O.L.L.: Dreamy Amorous Female Freely Yielding Delightful Orgasms and Lustful Loving

daffydoll wrote: I got 400... not bad. I never actually saw Thelma and Louise (go me!), but I could recognize the others. I was a little bit shocked when the "When Harry Met Sally" scene blasted. I`m pretty sure someone else in the house heard it!
daffydoll wrote: Hah! Don`t ask me why I did it, but Hitler looks like Johnny Depp!
daffydoll wrote: Haha, I did another picture and got different celebs: Avril Lavigne, Alison Hannigan, Anna Kournikova, Courtney Cox, *haha!* Camilla Parker Bowles, Dustin Hoffman, *bwahahaha!* Monica Lewinsky

I love this site! My brothers DO look like Elton John and Dennis Quaid! My sister DOES look like Mariah Carey! Time for me to do my friends.

daffydoll wrote: Drew Barrymore, Bon Scott (AAAAAAAGH! After a 2nd and 3rd look, I kinda do!), Paul Simon (another man?), Britney Spears (ew), Whoopi Goldberg (sheesh), Jason Biggs?
daffydoll wrote: That was an awesome episode of family guy... but my brother had to explain the "peanut butter jelly time" thing to me. Awesome.
daffydoll wrote: Your weight is within acceptable ranges!
daffydoll wrote: interesting.
daffydoll wrote: I am Snape!
daffydoll wrote: 81 % enjoys reflective and complex music
65% enjoys edgy and aggressive music
4 % enjoys fun and simple music
26 % enjoys energetic and upbeat music
daffydoll wrote: Link: Your Harry Potter Alter Ego [Rate Link] - Take this to find out who your Harry Potter alter ego is... and how well you match up to the other characters.