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buddy wrote: You guys are all a bunch of newbs.
buddy wrote: Link: Top 10 Creepiest Baby Products [Rate Link] - Gotta get me some baby bangs.
buddy wrote: This is my new site... I hope you guys like it and find it useful. It was one of those things I did because it`s useful to me personally (I like shopping for stuff on Criagslist).
buddy wrote: Link: Craigslist Alerter [Rate Link] - It tells you when something you`re looking for shows up on Criagslist.
buddy wrote: Link: Which of the Seven Deadly Sins are You? [Rate Link] - Find out what kind of sinner you are.
buddy wrote: Link: United Airlines Breaks Guitars [Rate Link] - This guy got his revenge in the form of a song.
buddy wrote: Link: The Fuplers: True Romanth [Video] [Rate Link] - One man. Two wigs. And a family discussion about the night of romance that Kevin has in store for a special young lady.
buddy wrote: Link: 7 Worst Ghostbusters Commercial Parodies [Rate Link] - These are fantastic. Kids: Look up ``Ghostbusters`` on IMDB.
buddy wrote: Link: Which Internet Meme Are You? [Rate Link] - Take this quiz to find out. OK, so who`s Boxxy?
buddy wrote: Link: What Career Suits Your Personality? [Rate Link] - This true-false quiz tells you what job you`d be best suited for.
buddy wrote: Link: Is ROFLMAO A Valid 7-Letter Word? [Rate Link] - The debate at the family Scrabble game.
buddy wrote: Link: What Animal Are You? [Rate Link] - Find out what animal matches your personality.
buddy wrote: Link: How Do You Value Your Life? [Rate Link] - A short test that rates your attitude about life says about you.
buddy wrote: Link: The Stupid Test [Rate Link] - 11 questions that will make you think.
buddy wrote: Link: Jealous Mommies [Rate Link] - If only they could have the boring life of a single woman.
buddy wrote: Link: Which Super Villian Are You? [Rate Link] - 10 simle questions that`ll determine what super-evil villan you are.
buddy wrote: Link: Challenged Ballots [Rate Link] - See if you can tell who these people were trying to vote for.
buddy wrote: Link: Can You Name the Dog Breed? [Rate Link] - Let`s see if you know your dogs.
buddy wrote: Link: The Worst Day Of A 13-Year-Old Girl`s Life [Rate Link] - The day every tween girl will always remember with horror.
buddy wrote: Link: Luckiest Price Is Right Contestant Ever [Rate Link] - And it`s his birthday.
buddy wrote: Link: Do You Know Your Colors? [Rate Link] - 10 color samples--just match them to their names. So much harder than I thought it would be.
buddy wrote: Link: Thalad Drething [Rate Link] - Phooey, we`re not out of salad dressing!
buddy wrote: Link: Fox News Porn [Rate Link] - They don`t let their conservative values get in the way of lots of skin.
buddy wrote: Link: What Should You be For Halloween? [Rate Link] - This 10 question quiz will let you know.
buddy wrote: Link: Take The YouTube Viral Videos Quiz [Rate Link] - See how well you know viral videos.