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_Wondergirl_ wrote: Link: Crush the Castle Players Pack [Rate Link] - Bombs away! Take control of your trebuchet and crush player-made castles in this new version of Crush the Castle.
_Wondergirl_ wrote: Link: Small Kid Zooms Down Large Hill in Toy Car [Vid] [Rate Link] - We`re placing bets now: Does the kid gloriously make it down the hill unscathed or eat major poo like like Evel Knievel?
_Wondergirl_ wrote: Link: Mr. Skin’s Top Celebrity Nude Scenes [Video] [Rate Link] - While there`s absolutely no nudity whatsoever in this clip, the subject matter is a bit racy. Also, I`ve seen them all.
_Wondergirl_ wrote: Link: The 8 Most Ill-Conceived Product Names of All-Time [Rate Link] - Next to the HR department, the marketing department is the most useless department at your place of employment.
_Wondergirl_ wrote: Link: Mechanism [Rate Link] - Make the clock reach the portal by cutting objects in your environment. Make as few cuts in as little time as possible.
_Wondergirl_ wrote: Link: Mattress Dominoes World Record Attempt [Video] [Rate Link] - Thank God these people don`t work at a sword factory.
_Wondergirl_ wrote: Link: Nudists Attempt Skinny-Dipping Record [w/Video] [Rate Link] - Unfortunately, this is safe for work. Also unfortunate is that most of the participants look like your mom and dad.
_Wondergirl_ wrote: Link: Texas Cop Shoves & Tasers 72-Year-Old Great-Granny [Rate Link] - All caught on the cop car`s dash cam--see the video here. Way to go, Texas, you`re making a bid for Florida`s title.
_Wondergirl_ wrote: haha- I squeezed out the stuff from a boil for my sister before- it doesn`t bother me- that`s what the doctor is going to do anyways- same with spider bites, but he DOES need to get some antibiotics.
_Wondergirl_ wrote: if you drive more than one car- it can be confudsing- or when you get a new car-
_Wondergirl_ wrote: haha- awesome
_Wondergirl_ wrote: I love kitties SO much- they are way cuter than puppies!
_Wondergirl_ wrote: it was funny- she wasn`t hurt, she couldn`t get up because she was laughing so hard.
_Wondergirl_ wrote: hahaha- that was great.
_Wondergirl_ wrote: clever
_Wondergirl_ wrote: My favorite was the flying carpet. Very cool- I would love that.
_Wondergirl_ wrote: If my girlfriend looked like that- I`d have a lot of porn too.
_Wondergirl_ wrote: those were funny
_Wondergirl_ wrote: ahahaha- hilarious. that was funny.
_Wondergirl_ wrote: freaky- wtf?

_Wondergirl_ wrote: they look very real... odd subjects
_Wondergirl_ wrote: That kid shoulda passed out way before the video ended- lol.
_Wondergirl_ wrote: the spinnny balck thiny would be a GREAT way for me to fall alseep at night.
_Wondergirl_ wrote: See. this is where America goes wrong- we treat our criminals like less than rats- and yet we call their time in prison "reforming". There is no effort to truly reform our criminals. Treat them better, and really work for a change, give them bearable living conditions, treat them with respect, and HUMANELY (being in a "hole" for days on end is NOT humane) and perhaps one day the criminals will mirror that respect and kindness.

Sure, some will always be "bad" but many, if given the chance, would and COULD change.

_Wondergirl_ wrote: tha`ts cool.