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_Snoopy_ wrote: Link: Meredith Vieira Throws Herself At Navy Guy [Vid] [Rate Link] - Don`t ask, don`t tell... your buddies you slept with a woman as old as your mother.
_Snoopy_ wrote: Link: I`m Amazed He Didnt Die From Swallowing His Tongue [Rate Link] - And by amazed, I mean disappointed. Don`t try this at home.
_Snoopy_ wrote: Link: Windows 7 Party Ad: Censored Version [Rate Link] - Microsoft is really targeting the swinger demographic in their new ad campaign.
_Snoopy_ wrote: Link: Destroy the Wall 3 [Rate Link] - Throw your ball through portals and try to knock the blocks off the screen. Complete all 20 levels and submit your score
_Snoopy_ wrote: Link: Newscaster Tells Weatherman To Do What? [Vid] [Rate Link] - What does that newscaster want the weather guy to do to the chicken? It must be bad, judging from the female anchor.
_Snoopy_ wrote: Link: Animated Post-Its and Dancing Hands [Video] [Rate Link] - This music video will do for Post-Its what OK Go! did for treadmills...
_Snoopy_ wrote: Link: The 8 Most Insulting Attempts to Raise Money [Rate Link] - How do you get people to give you money for your BS cause? Do what these 8 people did. Like taking candy from a baby.
_Snoopy_ wrote: Link: The Truth of 5 ‘Real Monsters’ That Fooled the Net [Rate Link] - Why does society love taking a myth and ruining it? Because it`s fun. Time to uncover more internet monster myths.
_Snoopy_ wrote: Link: Biz Markie: Just A Friend + Literal Video Version [Rate Link] - Remember A-Ha`s Take on Me literal video? This is like that. Literal stuff FTW!
_Snoopy_ wrote: Link: Doberman Vs. Laser [Video] [Rate Link] - Vs. friend`s crotch. You know who`s going to lose.
_Snoopy_ wrote: Link: Kitten Mittens [Rate Link] - Awww, he thinks he`s people.
_Snoopy_ wrote: Link: Why Email Was Invented [Video] [Rate Link] - `I swear mom, my report card never came in the mail--the dog ate it.`
_Snoopy_ wrote: Link: Billy`s Balloon Gives A Major Beat Down [Video] [Rate Link] - Be careful, don’t annoy your balloon or ya just might get an old fashioned bitch slapping.
_Snoopy_ wrote: Link: Botfly Removed From Man’s Head [Video] [Rate Link] - Needless to say, please don`t eat while watching this video.
_Snoopy_ wrote: Link: The World Wide Web Circle of Life [Video] [Rate Link] - Finally, a PSA that explains the social importance of writing, filming, and commenting on stupid internet videos all day
_Snoopy_ wrote: Link: I Am The Walrus [Video] [Rate Link] - Disturbed man in walrus mask is incredibly disturbing.
_Snoopy_ wrote: Link: Learn How To Levitate! [Video] [Rate Link] - Wow your friends! Impress the chicks! [Sorry, pants required.]
_Snoopy_ wrote: Link: Korean B-boy Baby Dance [Video] [Rate Link] - Ever since this kid`s parents have been putting whiskey in his bottle, he`s been completely out of control.
_Snoopy_ wrote: Link: Blowin [Chunks] In The Wind: A Pictorial [20 Pics] [Rate Link] - A classy collection of people doing what we here at I-A-B love best: Vomiting all over they selves. [Warning: Gross!]
_Snoopy_ wrote: Link: Brutal Tour de France Cycling Crashes [Video] [Rate Link] - Wow. Just... wow. 2 minutes of pretty horrific crashes.
_Snoopy_ wrote: Link: Elaborate Ladder Flip-Teeter Tot Nut Shot [Video] [Rate Link] - If these guys could just use the mechanical parts of their beer-pickled beer for good...
_Snoopy_ wrote: Link: The Best Timed Bell Ring Ever [Video] [Rate Link] - Boom! Headshot!
_Snoopy_ wrote: Link: D-Blocks 2 - Flash Game [Rate Link] - D-Blocks returns with more arrow puzzles to solve. Can you clear all the blocks on each level?
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