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Raisin_Hell wrote: I don`t know if this has been said before or not, but most of those countries are a ton smaller the US in terms of metropolis areas being spread out (exception of China, but a lot is unpopulated as well).
Raisin_Hell wrote: @Steelgrid,

Oh hey look another worthless commenter bitching about the "lack" of content, let`s see how they`ve contributed to the site... Oh that`s right no links submitted, shut the drat up and get the drat out.
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So seatbelts don`t protect us at all, right?
Raisin_Hell wrote: @Angilion "Hence Jaguar`s C-X75 concept hybrid - 2 gas turbines (they`re more efficient than ICEs)"

Yes and no. Gas turbines do have a greater power to weight ratio and can take a variety of fuels, but they are a lot worse at idling and fluctuating loads.

Also, the price alone just for the Jaguar name will be rediculous, as well as the new tech not helping the price out.

While I agree gas turbines would be pretty cool, I just don`t see them replacing the ICE, even in hybrids.
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You must mean ebaumsworld.
Raisin_Hell wrote: Hmm, for some reason it won`t work for me.
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I remember reading somewhere that he had the option to upgrade a long time ago but likes the sound of the synthesizer he has now and people associate him with it.
Raisin_Hell wrote: I could just imagine going out of the city for a week then driving back and being like WTF?!? Seeing there was a brand new building there.
Raisin_Hell wrote: @AustinJay - If that wasn`t a terrible attempt at trolling, I don`t know what is.

Anyways, Nihilism and boeingguyu787 explained it perfectly, it very rare this happens as people are often able to run it out of the end zone and avoid the single point.
Also, I find the CFL extremely popular where I am, we even often fill up other peoples stadiums.
Go Riders Go!
Raisin_Hell wrote: I loved the other wallace and gromit game too!
Raisin_Hell wrote: @redspade,
That`s for raids only.
Raisin_Hell wrote: I hope the chair leg slips and catches on the treadmill and her fast ass goes flying.
Raisin_Hell wrote: Also did anyone else notice the guy sitting down to the right of the guy n the purple vest? Just noticed him now!
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Here ya go, not doing all the people, just most in foreground
Raisin_Hell wrote: Hasn`t the last one been on here before? It looks familiar
Raisin_Hell wrote: Going to go with she`s a lesbian now.
Raisin_Hell wrote: @Kensho, you really are new aren`t you?
Raisin_Hell wrote: It`s about $3300 American.
Raisin_Hell wrote: **Oops, I got cut off.**
so I am not sure where that margin of error would be at. However, to me 40% population of America is a lot of people, and I am sure it is similar, if not greater here in Canada, because, correct me if I am wrong, we seem to have a laxer stance on marijuana use and consumption here (or at least where I live).

Also sorry for the typos, it`s 2 in the morning here and I`m tired.
Raisin_Hell wrote: CrakrJak: "The majority of people have not and will not smoke pot or consume illegal drugs. I know former pot users right now, That don`t want their kids to follow in their footsteps. So quit lying about it by saying `They are going to try it`, It`s a quitters attitude and it stinks."

Actually yes, a lot of people have. Under the second heading, there is a reference to a survey (that is sourced), about the amount of people in America over the age of 12 that ADMITTED to trying marijuana at least once, with it being around 40%. I`ll admit, that indeed, that is not the majority, and also people who have done it and admitted it may not have liked it our have changed there stance on it, but there also are people who were not surveyed, or did not want to admit to marijuana use on a study, so I am not sure were that margin of erro
Raisin_Hell wrote: @LemonTarte, Yes! Holy poo I just had a wave of nostalgia hit me. I`ve been coming to this site too long haha.
Raisin_Hell wrote: It`s terrible where I live, people don`t understand the concept of not packing the intersection full during rush hour.
Raisin_Hell wrote: I always get razzed by my friends for drinking diet, but in reality I have always found it to taste better. So no, not everyone drinks diet because they are fat and want to feel good about themselves.
Raisin_Hell wrote: At least the Cage one was decently similar, the rest just look like rapist sketches.
Raisin_Hell wrote: Hmmmm, shrimp burger, I might have to try one sometime.