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Nacaz2 wrote: guiness book of record are throwing away those certificates like candy nowadays. anyone else remember the guy holding the world record for clapping the most in a minute? this record is up there with the best.....
Nacaz2 wrote: after 5 minutes looking confused, i finally realised you could move the rotate the pieces....
Nacaz2 wrote: dont u mean boo-urns simpsons???

funny stuff!

Nacaz2 wrote: Indeed Pretentious
classic word to add in any random insult
Nacaz2 wrote: finished it, crap ending. in hindsight, thats a realy bad game
Nacaz2 wrote: if you know piano keys, its g, e, c, c#
Nacaz2 wrote: oh, throw the hackey sack at the vase above it to get a key.
Nacaz2 wrote: ive done the green and red house on the map, im at the house which you need the hook and rope to get into. this is the one your at d train. what u do is go into the bathroom, `use` the powder box to find a small note in it. use this note on the cell phone to get a tune. that has somthing to do with the piano but i play the tune on the piano and nothiong happens. anyone else here?
Nacaz2 wrote: that was absolutely spiffing
Nacaz2 wrote: if only he was able to combine most tshirt and most pants at the same time. then, i wouldve been impressed
Nacaz2 wrote: that was pretty neat, problem was i saw how he did it before i saw this clip.

dont watch how he did it if you dont want to

Nacaz2 wrote: man, my ears are ringin now, that sucks

still could here up to 21

Nacaz2 wrote: can the hosts chin get any lower?
Nacaz2 wrote: as mind-boggingly controversial as this descision may appear to some, can we step back for a minute and think how this actually affects us? will it increase petrol prices? change the war on terrorism? no, so get over it.
Nacaz2 wrote: haha thats hilarious. family guy and popeye are both awesome
Nacaz2 wrote: haha, pretty funny
Nacaz2 wrote: yeah not that awesome, im sure itll entertain some people for hours, that aint me tho
Nacaz2 wrote: wow, the question thats been in our minds our whole life has now been answered. well thats one more thing i can tick off the things to know befoer i die list
Nacaz2 wrote: awesome, very good. and using kennys voice for harry, i like it
Nacaz2 wrote: im right handed.


Nacaz2 wrote: you cant move fast enough to make the game actually worth playing. nice try, but no cigar
Nacaz2 wrote: unoriginal and not that funny
Nacaz2 wrote: ah, very smart, is there google cant do?
Nacaz2 wrote: yeah, see if you did that with beer instead of water, youd get a pooe load of foam coming out of the top. still, not too bad a trick