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Enohead wrote: Link: Kid Catches Two Foul Balls in One at Bat [Video] [Rate Link] - As a guy who has been going to ball games for 20 years and never even getting close to one foul ball, I hate this kid.
Enohead wrote: Link: The Coolest Wedding Invitation Ever [Video] [Rate Link] - Something tells me this is going to be a pretty fun wedding.
Enohead wrote: Link: 7 Plays Dumber than DeSean Jackson [Rate Link] - You`ve seen the Monday Night Football blunder: Jackson losing the ball before the goal line. Here are 7 worse screw ups.
Enohead wrote: Enohead, Western US:
"It`s a way to argue with people about meaningless subjects.
Oh, and look at porn."
Enohead wrote: Stairway to Heaven? What is that? I`m not familiar.
Enohead wrote: I kept looking for the clip with the money shot, and was disappointed to find that there isn`t one.
Therefore, my video will be only partially complete.
Enohead wrote: I quit smoking years ago.
How is that like a 13-year old?
Enohead wrote: Ah, laughter - the common language of all peoples. Wait - maybe that`s stupidity.
Yes, that`s it.
Ah, stupidity - the common language of all peoples.
Enohead wrote: Those were certainly some unique vehicles, I must say.
Enohead wrote: Say - some of those looked painful. I`m sure glad that has never happened to me. Mercy.
Enohead wrote: My goodness. He sure seemed upset by that student`s behavior.
Enohead wrote: Oh, don`t worry.
1600 posts... If I was gonna get banned, it would`ve happened by now. ;-)
I`m always making with the wisecracks - I forget that some people can`t figure out when I`m being serious or satirical.
Enohead wrote: Lucky he`s not a chainsaw salesman!


Enohead wrote: Oh, sure. It`s okay for that jackass to call me a bigoted idiot, but you get all twisted at ME?!
Calm down. We`re just having a little fun.
This is I-Am-Bored. Who are YOU to say how others cure their boredom? Some of us enjoy giving people a good-natured teasing now and again.
Take a pill, drink your milk, and don`t take things so personally. Especially when they`re not even directed at you.
Enohead wrote: What? Gay guys can`t fistfight? I`ve seen some gay guys kick ass, pal.
So, even if you were to win a fistfight against me, it does nothing to show what your sexual preference is.
You`re a little homophobic, I think. :-D
Enohead wrote: So, I read the title to this link very quickly and I thought it said "Soup in a microwave."
I thought - what`s the big deal there? People do it all the time.

Apparently I didn`t get enough sleep last night.

Enohead wrote: I`m just here to say - in general - that lolakitty72 is FUNNY.
I just don`t think you get enough recognition, my dear.
Carry on.
Enohead wrote: Joesus, you know nothing about me. Shut your hole.
Enohead wrote: True. I just wish people would not stereotype. Except for when it comes to the blacks. They`re all the same. Thugs and gangsters, nothing more.

(should I include a disclaimer here saying that I made the last comment as a joke?)

Enohead wrote: deaf_woman, I`m not old and cranky, damn you! Why, back in my day, we`d get cuffed in the ear for making such an insolent remark. How dare you. How DARE you, I say!
Enohead wrote: James - Thanks!
And truth be told, I love the English.
My lineage is German and English.
I just get annoyed whenever anyone says "Typical American" anything.
Enohead wrote: I`m only representing myself, you stupid twat.
You might think that one person`s actions are indicitive of an entire nation, but I`m smart enough to know better.
The "typical" comments that I made were taking the piss out of the Brits who always say "Typical American Humour" whenever there is a comedy post on IAB. Those comments were satire, my dear.
Enohead wrote: You limey bitches don`t need sperm banks. Just help yourself to what`s in james838`s mouth.
Enohead wrote: [quote]On 9/27/2006 4:46:13 PM james838 wrote: Ok I suppose it was "nice" but still a stupid hippy thing to do. And to my fans, Enohead I`m not gay, and I`m not one of these people who has to go around hugging men, (like most Americans) to prove how "secure" I am with my sexuality by acting gay. And to MythGuyDK I`d like to see you try :-D:-D:-D[/quote]

I understand that you don`t have to act gay. I`m sure it comes naturally for you - what with being European and all.

Enohead wrote: [quote]On 9/27/2006 4:23:54 PM james838 wrote: "Juan Mann One Love" More like: Juan Mann One faggot! LOL!!![/quote]

Two, now that you`re here, nancy boy.