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DeadlyBruise wrote: Too bad it`s not a real game. It would be fun.
DeadlyBruise wrote: WHERE IN THE GAP DO YOU CLICK.
DeadlyBruise wrote: I just says "That doesn`t work" and stuff whenever i try the little hole in the line. with screw AND the leaf.
DeadlyBruise wrote: what is this "Gap" You talk about? What is another word for "Gap" because i can`t find it.
DeadlyBruise wrote: IT worked! wow..Not as good as i heard/expected.
DeadlyBruise wrote: Didnt work for me...Couldnt find the site :(
DeadlyBruise wrote: i like it...heres mine

U.S did not torture Madman Saddam
God has (wanted another did) (not ment to offend anyone)

needed more words

DeadlyBruise wrote: The ride is AMAZING! really i still remember it.. i remember being 5 being on the ride with my dad... and then we got stopped in the MIDDLE OF THE MUSIC ROOM because someone in a wheelchair wanted to get off...Sat in the music room for 45 minutes WITH THE MUSIC PLAYING...IT WAS SOOO ANNOYING...oh yea the game sucked and so did the movie..YES I RENTED IT..what a waste
DeadlyBruise wrote: Wow,do you think he will grow up to be gay?
DeadlyBruise wrote: haha, i love that, And thank you halmut, i didnt know where ive seen the guy before, but now thanks to you i know! still loving the Commerical
DeadlyBruise wrote: Wow, i finished it, i had like, mild heart attacks on every level, Even music didnt help!


DeadlyBruise wrote: wow...Sucks to be him
DeadlyBruise wrote: haha, enjoyable, My dog does that, exsept to random people outside`s leg...STILL ENTERTAINING
DeadlyBruise wrote: haha the funny part isint the kid gettign knocked out, Its how idiotic they look dancing! cant get enoguh of the Kicker, and the kid in the black behind the kicker, the kid in the black looks like hes trying to Knock out his imaginary friend
DeadlyBruise wrote: that ad is funny, even tho it is photoshopped, and i want to see the Ireland ads ;D
DeadlyBruise wrote: I CANT BET! Help please
DeadlyBruise wrote: Man, this commerical is awsome, i sure hope i dont turn out like that
DeadlyBruise wrote: i see it everyday, but with a diffrent ending, the dead guy reaches for the Treat, and the bee trainer smacks his hand away, this ones much funnier!
DeadlyBruise wrote: This song totally rules,I say, SEND IT INTO EGGO!
youll get your awsome thing on tv time, and maybe profit! still its an awsome song, Good Job!
DeadlyBruise wrote: Jagger probley didnt Do all of them, He probely just Moved the level up by the Up and down arrows beside the level area thing
DeadlyBruise wrote: Got Boring Quickly, Not my kind, But still pretty fun as the time was
DeadlyBruise wrote: Very simple Yet Very amusing!, Love to see how her body bends :P, If my girlfriend was that Flexible well i would be doing Alot of diffrent stuff with her ;)
DeadlyBruise wrote: Funny. Saw it coming, But funny concept for what they were advertising!
DeadlyBruise wrote: What you do is poke it with the pen part
DeadlyBruise wrote: Did anyone beat the barbarian game Part 2?